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Steel non-insulated fireproof window system

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Steel non-insulated fireproof window system

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  • Date:2018/07/19
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Non-insulated closed steel profile frame with "Weguard" cold-rolled roll forming + German imported or fireproof hardware accessories of the same quality + 6~10mm single-piece fireproof glass / composite fireproof glass.

Scope of application:

The fire-resistant windows of civil residential buildings, the fire-proof partition walls, fire windows, office fire partitions and fire curtain walls of buildings have special environments with fire and fire resistance requirements.

Design Basis:

This product complies with the specification of 5.5.32 of GB50016-2014 "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design":

For residential buildings with a building height greater than 54 m, each household should have a room that meets the following requirements:

1. It should be set by the external wall, and should be set to open the outer window;

2. The fire resistance of the inner and outer walls should not be lower than 1.00h. The door of the room should be Class B fire doors, and the fire integrity of the outer windows should not be less than 1.00h.

Product advantages:

Cold-bending forming technology is a material-saving, energy-saving, and high-efficiency metal forming process. It continuously processes the sheet transversely by multi-pass forming rolls in sequence, which can produce good mechanical properties and high surface quality. Highly value-added products with precise dimensions. The production is mostly formed at room temperature. It is convenient to combine with the processes of punching, riveting and welding. It saves the labor cost of the traditional process of folding steel forming materials in the traditional fire door and window factory. Improve the product quality of fire doors and windows, and realize the problem of water seepage that cannot be solved by traditional fire window frames.

The closed-type cold-rolled steel profile fire-resistant window has small profile deformation in the event of fire, does not affect the deformation of the fire-resistant glass, the dimensional tolerance of the profile is small, and the tri-seal sealing performance of the door and window is very good.


The excellent performance of cold-rolled steel in fire protection is particularly remarkable, and it is an ideal fireproof structural profile. The overall sealing performance of the cold-rolled steel doors and windows is very good, and it has a good control effect on the penetration of the fire, and can ensure the safety of personal property.


The steel profiles of cold-rolled steel doors and windows have the characteristics of high strength and impact resistance. They are welded and hinged, which are firm and firm, and are more resistant to wear than aluminum alloy surfaces, and have better weather resistance. The structure of the cold-rolled steel structure has a long service life, and the structural parts are treated with special anti-corrosion treatment of galvanizing, which can protect the steel from corrosion and prolong the service life of the steel, and is non-combustible, mildew-proof and non-insect.

Cold-rolled steel has more weight, higher strength, toughness and plasticity. The profile is closed and can not find any breakthrough from the outside. It has good anti-violence, anti-theft and other safety features.









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