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Steel non-insulated fireproof partition system

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Steel non-insulated fireproof partition system

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  • Date:2018/07/19
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Non-insulated closed steel profile frame with “Weguard Weihua” cold-rolled roll forming +6~10mm single-piece fireproof glass/composite fireproof glass.

Scope of application:

The fire-resistant windows of civil residential buildings, the fire-proof partition walls, fire windows, office fire partitions and fire curtain walls of buildings have special environments with fire and fire resistance requirements.

1. The space connecting with the surrounding area shall be fireproofed: when the fireproof partition wall is used, the fire resistance limit shall not be less than 1.00h; when the glass partition wall is used, the fire resistance and fireproof integrity shall not be less than 1.00h. When a non-insulating fireproof glass wall with a fire integrity of not less than 1.00h is used, an automatic sprinkler system shall be provided for protection; when using a fireproof shutter, the fire resistance limit shall not be less than 3.00h, and shall comply with this The provisions of Article 6.5.3 shall be regulated; the doors and windows connected to the atrium shall be Class A fire doors and windows that can be closed by themselves when using a fire window.

Product advantages:

In contemporary commercial buildings, the presentation style of public space is always open, clear and concise. Therefore, the pursuit of separation of commercial space office environment should reflect the quick and convenient installation, simple and firm structure, transparent and bright glass. Panel and other aspects.

The partition system, designed and manufactured using the “Weguard Weihua” steel profile, provides the ideal spatial separation for modern office spaces. The glass partition wall has a small footprint, transparent light, good noise removal effect, flexible space separation, firm and firm structure, quick and easy installation, and is an ideal choice for commercial areas and office interiors.

At the same time, it can achieve fire-resistant integrity for 1 hour, with fire doors and windows products, can establish an ideal fire zone for commercial areas and office areas.




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