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Curtain wall classification methods

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Curtain wall classification methods

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curtain wall classification methods

 Base on the application

  The curtain wall can be divided into: building curtain wall, component building curtain wall, unit curtain wall, glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, metal panel curtain wall, full glass curtain wall, point supporting glass curtain wall and so on. 



 Base on the insert plate

  1, glass curtain wall

  (1) According to the type of glass: monolithic glass, glued glass, insulating glass.

  (2) According to the glass installation method: all-glass curtain wall, glass brick curtain wall, point-connected glass curtain wall.

  Full glass curtain wall: hanging glass curtain wall, floor-mounted glass curtain wall.

  Glass brick curtain wall: frame glass brick curtain wall, filled glass brick curtain wall.

  Point-connected glass curtain wall: drawbar glass curtain wall, cable-type glass curtain wall, truss-type glass curtain wall.

  2, metal panel curtain wall

  Single piece aluminum plate, composite aluminum plate, aluminum composite plate, stainless steel plate, titanium alloy plate, color steel plate, copper plate (not used).

  3, non-metal plate (except glass) curtain wall

  Stone board, honeycomb composite board, Trespa, ceramic board, calcium plastic board, wood-based board, pre-cast cement processing board.

Stone curtain wall: combined curtain wall, steel pin type stone curtain wall, short groove type stone curtain wall, channel type stone curtain wall, back bolt type stone curtain wall, small unit type stone curtain wall, wet attached stone curtain wall, honeycomb stone stone curtain wall.

  On the basis of component

  1. Frame type (component type) curtain wall

  (1) Bright frame curtain wall

  (2) hidden frame glass curtain wall

  (3) Hengming vertical hidden glass curtain wall

  (4) Horizontal vertical glass curtain wall

  2, unit curtain wall

(1) Unit glass curtain wall: modular walls with conventional member curtain wall, as is to meet the building effect of the requirements at the beginning designed to be a primary concern, based on satisfying building effect on important consideration structure curtain wall structure design.

  (2) Half-unit glass curtain wall

  (3) Small unit glass curtain wall

  According to whether it is open

  1, closed

  2, open type, such as breathing curtain wall (double layer dynamic energy-saving curtain wall)。


  (1) Closed type requires neutral silicon copper weatherproof sealant and foam rod, which is not required for open type.

  (2) The open decoration effect is good, the waterproof effect is good, the service life is long, and the ventilation is easy.

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