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Bulletproof door installation method

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Bulletproof door installation method

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 First measure the size of the door opening and determine the opening direction according to the corridor. The size of the door opening should be larger than the size of the installed door, and leave a certain clearance (about 1.5-3cm) for easy adjustment during installation.

 Correct the door hole. If the door hole size does not meet the requirements, it must be cut and leveled with tools such as iron shovel, steel chisel and cutting machine to meet the installation requirements.


 When installing, put the door into the door hole, plug it with wooden bolts around, correct the horizontal and vertical degree, adjust whether it is flexible or not, then open the door leaf, drill the mounting hole through the door frame mounting hole with electric hammer, and fasten it one by one with the expansion bolt.


 The depth of the expansion bolt drilled into the wall should be ≥5cm, and the drill bit that impacts the hammer must conform to the size of the expansion bolt. When the project is installed, the owner or the builder must mark a horizontal line of 50 cm or a horizontal line of 100 cm. The user must separately install the floor tile or floor height. After the door is installed, a certain amount of cement mortar should be poured into both sides of the door frame (generally 70% or more), and the user should be responsible for repairing the wall filling mortar.


  Bulletproof steel door installation precautions:

  (1)The installation of the bulletproof door should be carried out in accordance with the type of bulletproof door used.

  (2)The door frame of the bulletproof door can be fixed with the expansion bolt and the wall body, or the iron piece can be embedded at the hole when the wall is built, and the door frame connecting piece is welded firmly during installation.

  (3)Regardless of the connection method between the door frame and the wall, there should be no less than 3 anchor points on each side and it should be firmly connected.

  (4)When installing the bulletproof door, you should first straighten and hang it. After the size is appropriate, fix it temporarily, and make corrections and adjustments. After the error is correct, you can connect and anchor.

  (5)The sliding door is required to be pushed and pulled flexibly after installation; the swing door is easy to open and the closing is tight and firm.

  (6)An anti-theft device should be installed between the door frame and the door leaf or other parts.

  (7)The hardware accessories such as handles, door locks, and observation holes on the bulletproof door must be complete; the password guards on the multi-function bulletproof door, the electronic alarm password system, and the doorbell paging device must be effectively improved.

  (8)The clearance to the ground plane should be no more than 5mm.

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