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What are the classifications of steel fire windows on the market?

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What are the classifications of steel fire windows on the market?

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What are the classifications of steel fire windows on the market?

Nowadays, there are not only steel fire doors, but also steel fire windows. What is the classification of steel fire windows in the market?

At present, there are mainly two kinds of wood steel fireproof windows and steel steel fireproof windows, and most of them are made of steel. According to the different fireproof glass inside, the single layer of lanthanum potassium fireproof glass is used for non-insulation. Steel fireproof windows, which are made of infused fireproof glass, are insulated steel fireproof windows. Because the former does not have heat insulation capability, it is rarely used in practical steel fireproof windows.


 According to the different functions of the products, there are mainly fixed steel fireproof windows and movable steel fireproof windows. The fixed type has no window sash, the window frame is directly inlaid with glass and cannot be opened. Many steel fire window manufacturers produce such products; The movable type is also called openable. The product is composed of window frame and window sash. The window sash can be opened. The opening mode is flat or winding. It can also be connected to the fire control system to set up a self-closing steel fire window. Of course, activities or The price of self-closing steel fire windows is higher than that of fixed windows, and consumers can customize them according to their needs.

 There are many classifications of steel fireproof windows on the market. When consumers choose steel fireproof windows, they should choose the steel fireproof windows according to their specific conditions.

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