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What is a curtain wall system and what are the types of curtain wall systems?

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What is a curtain wall system and what are the types of curtain wall systems?

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There is no such a definition in the curtain wall profession.

 I understand that you want to understand the type of curtain wall system. There are two ways to install it: frame and unit.

 The component curtain wall is made of a piece of glass (assembly) of one root component (column, beam) at the factory, and then transported to the construction site. The column is installed on the main structure with the connecting piece, and then the beam is installed on the column to form the curtain wall sash. Install the fixing glass (assembly) afterwards.

 The component type curtain wall is formed by arranging the rods (pillars and beams) on the main structure, and the shape, size and outer surface flatness of the sash are formed, adjusted, positioned and fixed during the installation of the rods, and the rods are installed. After forming the sash fixed on the main structure, the glass (metal plate, slate, assembled glass assembly, etc.) is installed to form the curtain wall. The joint of the panel is on an integral rod (column, beam), and the rod is in the profile. When extruded, it is a full rod, and the panel is fixed to the rod.When install幕墙系统ing the upper wall, the rod is first installed. At this time, since the panel is not installed, the person can operate on the outside, adjust the rod, fix it after positioning, and install the panel after the rod is fixed and fixed.

 The hidden frame curtain wall is made up of components (pillars and beams) at the factory, and the other part is small unit components. The height of these small unit components is smaller than the height of one floor. It cannot be directly installed on the main structure, but the column (beam) must be installed first. Installed on the main structure, and then fixed the small unit assembly on the column (beam), the component curtain wall is a small unit curtain wall.

 The unit curtain is a curtain wall with a high degree of processing in the factory. In the factory, not only the mullion, the horizontal frame and other components are processed, but also the components are assembled into the unit component frame, and the curtain wall panel is installed at the corresponding position of the unit component frame to form the unit component. As far as a unit component is concerned, it already has all the curtain wall functions and construction requirements of this unit. The height of the unit assembly is equal to or greater than one floor so that it can be directly attached to the main structure after being transported to the construction site. The upper and lower frames (left and right frames) of the unit components are inserted into the combined rods, and the unit components are indirectly stitched to form a whole curtain wall.


 The unitized curtain wall has been completed in the factory, that is, the panel has been installed on the unit assembly frame, and the connection member of the unit assembly and the main structure is installed inside the unit assembly, and the connection between the unit assembly and the main structure must be on the inside during lifting. operating. The unit assembly is indirectly stitched to the adjacent two unit assemblies adjacent to the frame pair to form the combination rod to complete the seam, that is, it is not a seam on the integral rod member, but the seam is completed by the pair of inserts. The shape and size (accuracy) of the curtain wall are completed at the factory. The flatness of the outer surface of the curtain wall is ensured by the connection accuracy mounted on the main structure and the thickness of the curtain wall construction, which cannot be adjusted during the installation process.

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