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Fireproof window application

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Fireproof window application

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The fireproof window is an indispensable fire protection product in the fire isolation of modern buildings.

    Its function is not completely replaced by fire doors and fire shutter doors. Its transparency and decoration are not available in the above two products.

    At present, the fire windows on the market are divided into steel fireproof windows and wooden fireproof windows. However, steel fireproof windows are usually used. Like fire doors, they also have Class A fire windows and Class B fire windows.


  The core system is the fire window fire-resistant glass, fire-resistant glass selection determines the effect of the use of fire windows. Filling into fire-resistant glass type and glass single cesium potassium fire, the former is two layers of glass was poured into the fire, which is both a single layer of glass, fireproof glass filling with insulating effect of potassium and cesium monolithic fire resistant glass partition is not hot.Generally, the configuration of the fireproof window glass is selected according to the different placement parts.

  Generally speaking, the single piece of strontium potassium fireproof glass is used outdoors, and the fireproof glass of the grouting type can cause air bubbles in the internal fireproof liquid and color change. Dark, affecting transparency, indoor use of fire-resistant windows of grout-type fire-resistant glass. The fireproof window can be divided into non-opening fireproof windows: the fireproof windows that the sash cannot be opened, that is, the surrounding is sealed and fixed. There is also a fire window that can be opened: the window sash can be opened, and the fire window can be closed under the action of the fire window opening and closing device.

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