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What is the fireproof window installation specification?

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What is the fireproof window installation specification?

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What is the fireproof window installation specification?

Everyone should be familiar with the safety device of the fire window system, because this kind of window with fireproof function can be seen in many buildings. Although it is similar to the ordinary window, it has to be played. Fire protection, so there are more stringent installation specifications to follow when installing. The correct standard installation conditions are the premise that this window can effectively play the role of fire prevention. In view of this, the following is a brief introduction to the relevant installation specifications. 


 First, the installation must have a frame foundation, and the strength to meet the installation requirements, there is no requirement for the material of the frame, it can be a steel frame, or a wooden frame, as long as the strength is sufficient. For the steel frame, there is no requirement for the material. It can be stainless steel or galvanized steel, but the quality of the frame must comply with national standards and regulations.       

 Second, if the fireproof window is made of wood frame, it must be ensured that the material filled inside the frame must not be flammable, but materials with non-combustible properties should be selected. The installed glass should also have fire resistance, and must have For the fire test, the glass with the qualified standard shall be selected. The sealing material between the glass and the frame shall also be non-flammable. Otherwise, it is difficult to isolate the fire when the fire occurs, and the fire resistance of the entire window is greatly reduced.      

 Third, it should be noted that the installer must undergo professional training and have a clear and clear understanding of the installation of such windows. In addition, the hardware accessories used for such windows must be suitable for fireproof windows, which cannot be used at will, and the hardware accessories used must also be installed after fire test and other inspections to ensure that the windows can fully exert the fire performance.

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