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What are the standards for the classification of steel profiles?

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What are the standards for the classification of steel profiles?

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Building steel profiles refer to a type of steel that is dedicated to the construction industry and participates in the construction of buildings.

 In the construction industry, steels such as steel bars and steel pipes are common. Steel bars are an indispensable skeleton for the concrete structure, while steel pipes are It constitutes an important role for workers to operate the site such as scaffolding. There are also grades and types of construction steel in the market. The following small series will take the steel as an example to lead everyone to understand.


  First, according to the processing method to divide the construction steel grade

  According to the processing method, the steel bars can be divided into five categories: hot rolled steel bars, heat treated steel bars, cold drawn steel bars, cold drawn low carbon steel wires and steel stranded pipes.

  Hot-rolled steel bar is a kind of steel bar which is naturally cooled after hot rolling treatment. It is composed of low carbon steel and common alloy steel and is supported at high temperature. It is the main reinforcement of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete structure. It is also the finished steel bar commonly used in civil engineering construction.

  The hot-rolled reinforced steel bars are quenched and tempered by high-temperature tempering to heat-treated steel bars; the cold-drawn steel bars are formed by stretching the steel bars at normal temperature; after drawing, the cold work hardening is low. The carbon steel wire is a cold drawn low carbon steel wire. The steel stranded pipe is a steel wire product obtained by twisting a plurality of steel wires.

  Second, according to the shape of the surface of the construction steel grade

  According to the surface shape, the building steel is divided into smooth steel bars and threaded steel bars.

  As the name implies, a smooth steel bar is a straight steel bar that has a smooth surface and has been subjected to a stretching process. It is a muscle that constitutes a reinforced concrete structure in a modern building, and connects the various coarse steel bars that form the skeleton to each other to produce a strong structure. Force to increase the firmness of the building.

  Threaded steel bars are steel bars with a thread shape on the surface. It is believed that many people have seen it. It is a skeleton that constitutes a concrete structure. The smooth steel bars establish a connection between them to form a firm steel structure and enhance the firmness of the building. Threaded bars are thicker and therefore generally used for erecting in buildings, the thicker they are, the stronger they are.

  Third, according to the steel product classification of steel grade

  According to the steel product classification, the steel can be divided into four categories: low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel and alloy steel. Among them, low carbon steel is a kind of steel with low carbon content, and the carbon content is basically less than 0.25%. Therefore, its strength is low and soft, also called mild steel. Alloy steel refers to a type of construction steel that is synthesized by adding other metal elements in addition to elements such as steel and carbon. Such steels have special characteristics such as high strength and low magnetic properties. High carbon steel is a class of steel with a high carbon content.

  Due to their special use characteristics, construction steels are more complicated in their classification. It is often necessary to make a more detailed division according to their different uses. In addition to the above, the relevant steel strength standards are also established for steel. Grades I, II, III, IV, and V have been carefully divided into the strength of the steel. I won't go into details here.

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