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How to choose doors and windows for house decoration

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How to choose doors and windows for house decoration

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   After many people buy a house, they need to be renovated.

    Especially now, the living standard is improved, and there are higher requirements for the exterior and content of the house. So today, let's talk about how to choose the door and window when the house is renovated. The installation of the door and window should not only consider the matching with the home, but also consider its quality and windproof fire performance. There are many types of doors and windows, such as fire windows, security doors, etc., the difference between different door and window decoration effects is relatively large, how to choose? Below I will give you a summary of the four standards for home window and door selection. You can use it as a reference for buying doors and windows, and hope to help you.

Five major standards for house decoration selection of doors and windows:

1, warmth

   On the purchase of doors and windows, consumers should choose doors and windows with good energy-saving insulation performance. The function of energy-saving insulation doors and windows is to block the outdoor heat energy in the summer to save the electricity consumed by the air conditioner; in the winter, the indoor heat energy is left indoors to save energy and expenses due to heating. If the insulation requirements are not high, you can choose a single door and window; if the insulation requirements are very high, such as the use of the balcony, to ensure the temperature inside the balcony, it is more appropriate to choose a double door and window.

2, windproof

Stability is the key factor for windproof doors and windows. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are made of titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy. Their strength and rigidity are strong. When faced with strong winds, windows will become a safety line for home.

    In addition to the frame material and the opening method, the thickness of the glass affects the airtightness of the door and window. Generally speaking, the double glass aluminum alloy doors and windows have better airtightness. Common double glass doors and windows, the thickness of the glass is 5mm or 4mm, the thickness of the insulated aluminum strip is generally 6mm, 9mm and 12mm, 15mm.

3, water tightness1510908556422847.jpg

It has good water tightness, so that the doors and windows will keep the interior dry when facing the storm, without the trouble of seeping water and leaking water. Among the doors and windows of various materials, aluminum alloy doors and windows have better watertightness.

    The glass of the door and window can be selected from the insulating glass, which is effectively sealed between several layers of glass, and is filled with a desiccant that absorbs moisture to make the glass free of steam and dust.

4, see the quality is guaranteed

  When buying doors and windows, pay attention to see the following points:

(1) The flatness of the welded joints, to see whether the inner and outer angular seams are flush, and the diagonal difference of the plastic steel doors and windows is not more than 3mm.

(2) Look at hardware accessories, good door and window hardware accessories feel thick, surface protection layer is dense, shiny, no scratch marks.

(3) Check the material. If you can buy plastic steel doors and windows, you can put a magnet. If it can be attached to it, it means that the door and window are equipped with reinforced steel.

(4) Look at the function of buffer rubber, buffer rubber and anti-collision glue to protect the door leaf from strong collision.

5, fire resistance is very important

   Recently, several incidents of high-rise building fires have raised concerns about the fire resistance of doors and windows. As the opening part of the building's outer protective structure, ordinary building doors and windows are an important passage for the fire to jump upward. Therefore, it is an important measure to reduce fire damage and casualties by improving the fire protection capability of the exterior doors and windows of the building in advance, especially the fire window system, and effectively preventing the rapid spread of fire.

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