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Curtain wall technical measures

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Curtain wall technical measures

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 Curtain wall technical measures

1. Preparation stage

  (1) Before designing, check the architectural design drawings. The relevant drawings are approved by the design unit and verified by the customer.

  (2) After the customer determines the origin, manufacturer and specifications of the main material, our company and the customer jointly sign and seal each set of the same sample (piece), which is used as the basis for the re-examination of the material after entering the site; all materials, zero The accessories and semi-finished products shall comply with the provisions of the current national product standards, and provide the factory certificate or material ex-factory certificate and warranty certificate. When the materials enter the site, they shall cooperate with Party A and the project supervisor to check and review them one by one, and sign the re-examination review report. Unqualified products are not allowed to enter the project.

  (3) The equipment and machinery used in the processing shall meet the requirements for the processing accuracy of the curtain wall components, and the measuring tools shall be periodically measured and measured.


 2. Processing stage

  (1) Construction in strict accordance with the design drawings, standards and relevant construction specifications. At the end of the design agreement or the approval of clients, it is absolutely not allowed to change the drawings and construction contents.

  (2) Divisional and sub-section projects, firstly do targeted construction techniques, adhere to the self-inspection, random inspection, special inspection three inspection system, the above process is unqualified, resolutely not transferred to the next process, with excellent standards as the team and Personal work standards, to be meticulous, not shoddy, insist on eliminating rework and cutting corners.

  (3) Fill in the self-inspection, special inspection report, construction record and situation record in time, and save the original data archive.

  (4) The structural adhesive used must have a quality guarantee. The weather resistant rubber is selected from the same manufacturer. When purchased, it should be kept according to the date of manufacture. It should be used first and foremost. It is strictly forbidden to use expired structural adhesive and weather resistant adhesive.

  (5) Anti-corrosion treatment measures: All steel joints (supports) must be subjected to hot-dip zinc anti-corrosion treatment;

 3, the installation phase

  (1) In order to ensure that the civil structure conforms to the requirements of the relevant construction and acceptance specifications, the building structure must be measured before the installation and on the basis provided by the civil works. Review the size and position of the embedded parts.

 (2) Goods arriving at the construction site shall not be damaged or damaged during handling or lifting. It should be on special shelves or skids according to the specifications. In particular, glass and glass must be protected from contamination after installation. After the materials enter the site, they are sorted and stored, kept in a safe place, and protected.

  (3) Inspection and correction of components, unqualified components shall not be installed.

  (4) Timely self-checking of the installed components, and timely adjustment if there is any problem; after the concealed project is completed, the supervisory unit can pass the inspection and pass the next process.

  (5) Make a self-inspection record for inspection and as one of the completion acceptance data.

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