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The difference between fire windows and ordinary windows

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The difference between fire windows and ordinary windows

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 1. From the perspective of glass, the glass of the fireproof window must be tempered, the glass of the ordinary window is not necessarily, and thus the fireproofing effect is not obtained, and the glass of the fireproof window also has a fireproof sign. The fireproof glass can be selected from products that have been filled with fireproof liquid and do not affect the fire resistance test of the fireproof window. The glass transmittance is not less than 75% of the same number of ordinary flat glass.


  2, from the material point of view, the general fire window is made of steel, common common plastic steel, aluminum alloy, wood. According to the state regulations, fire windows can be divided into Class A and B grades, different fire grades, and different fireproof windows. Class A windows are not less than 1.5 hours, Class B windows are not less than 1 hour, and Class C windows are not less than 0.5 hours. According to the latest specification GB16809-2008 fire window. The sealing material between the frame and the fireproof glass should be made of flame retardant materials, which can play the role of fireproof and smokeproof in case of fire. The ordinary window has a high thermal conductivity, so there is no fireproof time, so it does not have a good fireproof effect.

  3, from the price analysis, the price of fire doors on the market are different, this requires everyone to refer to various prices, quality and so on!

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