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Why is curtain wall glass so easy to blast?

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Why is curtain wall glass so easy to blast?

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Why is curtain wall glass so easy to blast?

The summer weather is hot and the temperature is high. Coupled with extreme weather such as typhoons and rainstorms, it is easy to cause the glass curtain wall to burst.

In addition to the glass breakage caused by the glass cracking caused by the impurity nickel sulfide, and the glass breakage caused by the thermal stress, we analyze it according to the cause of the thermal stress.


 The thermal stress of glass breakage caused by thermal stress is an important cause of glass curtain wall breakage. There are many reasons for the heat of the glass curtain wall, but the most important heat source is sunlight. When the sunlight shines on the surface of the glass curtain wall, the glass will be thermally expanded. If the glass is evenly heated, the glass edge and the central portion of the glass will expand evenly at the same time, but if the edge The inside of the glass and the glass are unevenly heated, and tensile stress is generated inside the glass. When there are cracks or micro cracks on the edge of the glass, these defects are easily affected by thermal stress. As the temperature difference increases, the thermal stress causes the crack to gradually Increase the final lead to glass breakage;

 Both winter and summer seasons are the seasons in which the glass curtain wall blew up, while the south is mainly in the summer. “If the outdoor temperature is very high, the indoor air conditioner is very low, and some curtains are pleated together. It is easy to make the outside of the glass cold and uneven, which causes self-explosion.

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