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Why does the glass curtain wall seep?

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Why does the glass curtain wall seep?

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  Causes of seepage in curtain wall

  (1) The main force-receiving member aluminum profile column is not set with 20mm expansion joint according to the specification. The thermal expansion and contraction of the aluminum profile and the stress caused by the compression deformation of the main structure will cause the glass to crack and produce water seepage.

  (2) The sealant with a large amount of expansion and contraction was not used in the design, and the necessary calculations were not performed. For example, the weather-resistant silicone sealant has a displacement capacity of ±25%, which is twice that of the ordinary sealant. The size of the reserved injection position must be calculated according to this data. Otherwise, the sealant can adapt to the deformation ability and will be pulled by the temperature change. Blow up and lose the waterproof function.


  (3) Failure to open the window waterproof seal or insufficient sealing layer (generally requires two to three seals), causing rainwater to flow directly along the curtain wall, directly into the opening window, and flooding.

  (4) When the joints are treated with the building, they are not studied and coordinated with the civil works units, but are constructed separately, and one side of each pipe leads to a seepage channel. In particular, the curtain wall between the top of the curtain wall and the parapet wall is not firmly connected, and the sealing is not strict. For example, the screw hole and the top joint are not glued or the glue is not tight or missing, and a water seepage channel is formed.

  The design period of the building glass curtain wall is generally 25 years, and the full hidden frame glass curtain wall has a warranty period of only 10 years. It can be seen that 10 years is a scorpion used in the glass curtain wall. After that, there may be problems such as aging of the structural adhesive, deformation and dislocation of the stressed member, looseness, leakage of rainwater, and cracking of the glass.

  The glass curtain wall has long been affected by the unfavorable factors of the natural environment, such as wind, sun, rain, ultraviolet radiation, and earthquakes.

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