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Installation specification for steel fire doors

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Installation specification for steel fire doors

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Installation specification for steel fire doors

Speaking of fireproof doors, presumably we are most common in hospitals, schools and other places, there are more and more fire doors in the market, steel fireproof doors are one of the mainstream products, then the steel profile fire door installation specifications are ? Today we will take a look at the steel fireproof door installation specifications.


      Installation specification 1. Before the steel fireproof door is installed, it must be inspected. If the door frame, door leaf is warped or deformed due to inadvertent transportation and storage, it should be repaired before installation.

      Installation specification 2. When the steel fireproof door is set up, it is necessary to use the horizontal ruler to level or use the hanging line method to correct the verticality of the front, back, left and right, so as to be horizontal, vertical and high.

       Installation specification 3. The door frame must be integrated with the building, and the iron piece is connected with the wall.

     Installation specification 4. When installing, the door frame is buried below the surface level of 20mm, not less than 15mm.

     Installation specification 5. the opening direction of the fire door must be the evacuation direction.

      Installation specification 6. After installation, the cement mortar must be poured between the door frame and the wall, and it can be used normally after being cured for 24 hours.

     Installation specification 7. Installation of fireproof glass: When installing fireproof glass, the four sides should be evenly spaced. After positioning, fill the four side gaps with fireproof cotton, then seal the edge banding.

     Installation specification 8. The melting temperature of hardware fittings such as locks, hinges and bolts installed on steel fireproof doors shall not be lower than 950 °C.

     Installation specification 9. After the door leaf and the door frame are assembled, in the normally closed state, the door leaf and the door frame are fitted together, the gap between the door leaf and the door frame shall not be greater than 4 mm, and the upper side gap shall not be greater than 3 mm, the middle of the double door The gap must not be greater than 4mm.

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