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The role of fireproof windows

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The role of fireproof windows

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Fireproof window introduction:

  Fireproof windows are windows made of steel window frames, steel sashes, and fire-resistant glass that can isolate and prevent the spread of fire. Fixed fire window: The fire window that the window sash cannot be opened, that is, it is sealed and fixed around. Movable fire window: A fire window that can be opened by a window sash and closed by a fire window opening and closing device.

 The role of the fireproof window:

  First of all, in the event of a fire, the fire window can play a protective role to protect people's lives. Therefore, for safety reasons, many public places will install fire windows, which is the first function of the fire window. Second, fire windows can reduce financial losses in the event of a disaster. Therefore, many large buildings will have fire windows installed. Third, the price of fire windows is relatively affordable, and the price is within the public's tolerance. Therefore, everyone can rest assured to buy.


  Fireproof window material requirements:

  (1) The sash frame is made of a steel frame or a wooden frame having a certain strength sufficient to ensure the integrity and stability of the member.

  (2) Steel frame and bead can be galvanized steel or stainless steel. The material selection criteria are in accordance with the provisions of Article 5.1 of GB12955 “General Technical Conditions for Steel Fire Doors”.

  (3) The material selection criteria for wood frame and beading shall comply with the provisions of 5.1.1 of GB14101 “General technical conditions for wooden fire doors”.

  (4) Filling materials inside steel and wood frames shall be made of non-combustible materials.

  (5) Fireproof glass can be selected without affecting the fire resistance of the fireproof window. The glass transmittance is not less than 75% of the same number of ordinary flat glass.

  (6) The sealing material between the frame and the fireproof glass should be made of flame retardant materials, which can play the role of fireproof and smokeproof in case of fire.

   (7) The hardware accessories shall be the qualified supporting products that have passed the test.

  (8) Fire window opening and closing device: It must have the function of temperature sensing and release sash. At present, there are integrated (closed window) and split (fuse device) in the market.

  Fireproof window rating:

  Insulated fireproof windows (Class A): Fire windows that meet both fire, heat and fire integrity requirements within a specified time. Non-insulated fire windows (Class C): Fire windows that meet fire integrity requirements within the specified time. According to the latest specification GB16809-2008 fire window, Class A window is not less than 1.5 hours, Class B window is not less than 1 hour, Class C window is not less than 0.5 hour.

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