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Research on Construction Management of Building Doors and Windows Curtain Wall

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Research on Construction Management of Building Doors and Windows Curtain Wall

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  With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, the curtain wall industry plays a very important role in China's construction industry, and it is developing rapidly, showing an unstoppable trend. As an indispensable part of China's architecture, it has actually become the focus of attention in the market. In particular, the continuous development of modern architecture, the requirements of the external facade are more aesthetic, and more attention is paid to the requirements and degree of decoration. To fully satisfy its needs, it can reflect its representativeness and advancement. This paper mainly introduces the construction process of the relevant aspects of the curtain wall system and the quality management that should be paid attention to during the construction process.

In recent years, the characteristics of the curtain wall of the building have been characterized by flexibility and change, the structural features of the contrast between the virtual and the real, the color is not easy to fade, and many other features are increasingly valued and promoted by the architects. As we all know, many buildings have been applied to the curtain wall. There are quite a few similarities in the construction techniques, steps and methods. But there are also special things that are important to you. Therefore, the construction management technology and related management research of building curtain wall have great practical and long-term significance.


  First, the construction technology of the building curtain wall

  (1) Preparation before construction

  First of all, strictly carry out the construction design of the curtain wall before construction, determine the construction process, and sort out the installation procedures. The construction organization design must be strictly passed through the special supervision unit and reported to the relevant management department for investigation and filing. Ensure its scientific rationality and long-term effectiveness. Make a solid foundation for promoting the standardization of the construction process. Doing a good job in the construction organization plan is also an important part of the previous preparation work. Ensuring its careful system and optimization and promoting the rational and active allocation of various resources are important steps and links. For example, planning material selection, transfer transportation, storage and storage, cleaning and installation of curtain wall components; rationalizing and scientificizing the installation methods and requirements; drawing the connection node diagram of the curtain wall; preparation of related tools and equipment; The establishment and improvement of quality standards, programs and safety response measures. All need to achieve certain goals, strictly follow the rules, adapt to local conditions, and maximize their enthusiasm and effectiveness.

  It is necessary to do the cleaning work of the main body before the construction of the building curtain wall. It is necessary to grasp the time of construction cleaning, distinguish the situation, pay attention to its quality results, and avoid damage and pollution.

  Connection construction of curtain wall and main structure

  Precise positioning, determine the position of the reference line and the position of the embedded parts to ensure the scientific and reasonable installation and installation of the curtain wall. Scientific organization, strict planning, efficient and step-by-step arrangement, pre-consideration, and conscientious implementation of the installation and construction process of the main body. Pay attention to the order, grasp the good degree, and achieve better and higher quality docking and connection. Ensure the linearization and efficiency of its processes. Particular attention is paid to determining the problem of fixed-point positioning construction of embedded parts, and including the magnitude and extent of the positional movement. Doing a good job in this area is of great significance, because the positioning of the embedded parts can ensure the movement of the position of the embedded parts during the construction process, especially in concrete.

  Construction of curtain wall columns and beams

  To do this work, you must ensure the accuracy of the measurement line in advance. In particular, it is ensured that the measurement payouts associated with the main structure are consistent. During the installation process, ensure that the horizontal elevation is gradually upward from the ground. After installation, in order to reduce or prevent the error, it is necessary to adhere to the daily measurement. Of course, attention should be paid to the accuracy and quality of the measurement in the case of large wind. After the coupling, the embedded part and the column are connected, the position should be adjusted, and then the first two are fixed, and the error is ensured to ensure a certain gap, and the appropriateness is paid attention to. For example, the plane axis of the connector, the sleeve method and the joint of the column can actively and effectively cope with and maintain its horizontal and vertical forces.

  Curtain wall glass installation

  Before the installation, the cleaning process is carried out, and the frame of the curtain wall is also cleaned, because it can effectively ensure the effect of the caulking weather-resistant glue. Actively pay attention to the orientation of the glass coating surface of the curtain wall, and also ensure the size of the area. The manual installation can be manually installed. The mechanically assisted installation can be carried out using an auxiliary device such as a vacuum chuck. The gap between the notch and the rod is processed, and the relevant positioning pad is added underneath to ensure that the width and the notch are consistent with each other. For the hidden frame installation of the curtain wall, a metal support can be set underneath.

  Caulking weatherproof rubber sealing treatment

  After the curtain wall is installed, the intermittent interval can be treated with a weather-resistant sealant to prevent water leakage and even a large amount of gas exchange indoors and outdoors. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the thickness thereof is larger than the width of the slit, and the sealant is bonded on both sides, so that the rubber can be effectively prevented from being damaged by the tensile force, thereby losing the sealing effect. This is something we must pay attention to.

  Curtain wall protection and cleaning work

  It is well known that in the construction management of curtain walls, adhesions or shackles are inevitably present on the surface or components of the curtain wall. Therefore, it is very urgent and necessary to do a good job of cleaning and handling the technology. It is of great significance to do a good job in its meticulous work. After the curtain wall installation is complete, follow the continuation of the treatment from the top down. For the cleaning agent to be used, the relevant test work should be done before, because it can know in advance and prevent the damage of the curtain wall caused by the quality problem. For all cleaning agents, the objects should be cleaned afterwards to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the quality itself.

  It is also very important to do the safety protection measures before the installation and construction of the curtain wall. Always check and maintain the frequently used machinery, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of engineering accidents to ensure the smooth and safe construction process.


  Second, the management measures of curtain wall construction

  (1) Establish a sound structure of the construction organization and increase the management of the construction process

  Strengthen the management of the construction organization structure of all projects to ensure the protection of personnel resources in all aspects and stages. Achieve the best and most powerful lineup organization structure to maximize the benefits and energy. It can be contrasted that the traditional construction projects are inefficient and frequent, the unity of independent construction, lack of active and effective coordination, and ultimately it is difficult to ensure the improvement and stability of its quality. In view of this, it is necessary to establish and improve a group of formal, unified and coordinated organizational structures to improve the efficiency of organizational structure and project quality. Corresponding to the requirements of construction of the project, it is necessary and necessary to have a highly efficient skill, strong team awareness and high-precision construction team. First of all, we must do a good job in the coordination of team building, enhance its organizational capabilities, and ensure its adaptability.

  (2) Strengthening the management of construction preparation work

  Preparation must be done, especially to strengthen the processing and treatment of its planning and design. For the construction industry, more attention should be paid to the handling and resolution of the curtain wall. As a special comprehensive system, the curtain wall, as a special part of the building, has its special meaning and function both inside and outside. The goals and meaning of the show, the image and color conveyed are all glamorous. Preparing for work is about ensuring the quantity and quality of the entire project. It is also that we must consider it in advance.

  (3) Strengthening cost control

  Do a good job of pre-existing cost control, do a good job of cost budgeting and adopt energy-saving and frugal resources as much as possible to achieve optimal configuration. Cost control, for the curtain wall, to achieve its high quality and low price, for the building, it is to actively improve the quality and efficiency, reduce unnecessary costs and waste. For the planning and organization design of the building curtain wall, it has important practical and long-term significance. This is something we must consider. For many companies, optimally controlling costs and optimally realizing resource allocation are the best choices in such an era. This is what we must know clearly. It is also necessary for us to be clear in practice and application. Cost management control is the trend and requirements of the times.

  Strengthening the safety and quality management of curtain wall construction

  Strengthening the safety and quality of curtain wall construction is the top priority of the whole project, and it is also an important basis and significance related to the success or failure of the entire project. Therefore, it is of great significance to ensure safety and quality management before, during and after construction management in this area. Safety is the life of the building curtain wall, and the quality is the life of the building curtain wall. On a profound and extensive basis, it is extremely important to link the two organically, to do their optimal connection, and to maximize the benefits.

 Strengthen the progress control of curtain wall construction

  Actively strengthening the progress control management of curtain wall construction is very important for building construction safety management, which is conducive to controlling the progress of the project and controlling the quality of the project construction. It is necessary to focus on increasing its heritage and realize the organic combination of rhythm and speed, quantity and quality, and order and order.

  Third, the conclusion

 As an important part of the construction industry, the curtain wall industry must keep up with the pace of science and technology, constantly grasp the latest developments, and achieve a leap-forward upgrade of its technical quality. Standing at the peak of the times and achieving connotation and leapfrog development have future significance.

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