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"Winter" construction plan for door and window curtain wall project

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"Winter" construction plan for door and window curtain wall project

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  First, the time and content of winter construction

 1. According to the "Construction Engineering Winter Construction Regulations", when the outdoor daily average temperature is stable below 5 °C for five consecutive days, it will enter the winter construction. When the outdoor daily average temperature is higher than 5 °C for five consecutive days, the winter construction will be lifted.

  2. During the winter application period, there may be severe weather such as strong winds, heavy snow, cold currents and other sudden declines in temperature. The cold weather is short, but the average temperature drops by about 5 °C ~ 10 °C. This is the key to winter application. The most likely. In order to ensure the quality of the project, reduce the cost, and seek reasonable economic benefits, with reference to the experience of many years of winter application, when the baseline temperature in the severe winter season drops below -15 °C, the construction will be suspended, the cold current will be avoided, and the construction will be carried out after the temperature rises. For finished products that fail to meet the freezing damage at the construction site, construction insulation measures must be strengthened to prevent possible quality accidents. For projects that do not need to stop working and need to continue construction, they must be approved by the company's chief engineer and take appropriate anti-freezing measures and construction methods before they can be constructed. Therefore, management personnel at all levels of the project should always pay attention to the changes in the weather, make daily temperature records, and rationally arrange the process to ensure that there is no accident during the winter application period.

  Second, winter construction preparation work

  1. Do a good job in winter construction. Winter preparation work is the key. All relevant departments must pay enough attention and must do all the preparatory work.

  (1) The winter construction plan is prepared by the technical department. After the plan is determined, the relevant personnel should be organized to study and submit to the team.

  (2) Before entering the winter construction period, organize training for professionals such as temperature measurement and heat preservation, learn relevant knowledge within the scope of this work, clarify responsibilities, and pass the examination after passing the examination.

  (3) The curtain wall is for vertical high-altitude operation, and the construction process should be arranged reasonably to avoid cross-over work and prevent simultaneous construction.

  2, material preparation

  (1) Winter temperature measurement records and thermometers should be prepared as soon as possible.

  (2) According to the progress of the project and the requirements of physical engineering quantity, organize thermal insulation materials, plastic cloth, fire-retardant quilts, and related machinery to enter the market.

  3. Site preparation

  (1) Do a good job in heating the on-site office and staff quarters in winter.

  (2) Construction water supply pipe, fire water supply pipe insulation pipe shell (75px thick), outer bundle of color strip cloth insulation. The tube is made of rubber tube, which can be used as needed to prevent freezing of the water pipe after winter, which affects production and domestic water.

  (3) The power applied in winter is increased. It is necessary to re-check the transformer capacity and turn on the power.

  4, working conditions     

   (1) The main structure of the steel structure has been completed and the quality acceptance procedures have been completed.

  (2) Perform the measurement release line in advance.  

 5. Construction process:

  Measuring take-up line → Connector installation → Column installation → Beam installation → Surface fluorocarbon spraying → Aluminum profile base installation → Glass installation → Injection and cleaning → Acceptance


  Third, the installation and construction:

  (1) General requirements:

  1 The main structure of the steel structure, reinforced concrete structure and brick-concrete structure of the curtain wall shall comply with the requirements of the construction and acceptance specifications of the building structure; in particular, the verticality of the main structure and the flatness of the outer surface and the dimensional deviation of the structure must be achieved. Requirements, otherwise appropriate treatment measures should be taken before the installation of the curtain wall.

  2 The material type, specification, color and performance of the curtain wall system components and accessories shall meet the design and quality requirements. When the glass curtain wall is installed, the components, accessories, glass, sealing materials and gaskets that should enter the site shall be inspected and accepted according to the quality requirements. Unqualified and expired materials shall not be used.

 3 Reasonably arrange the installation and construction sequence of the curtain wall and take reliable safety protection measures. The curtain wall construction environment and the sub-project construction sequence should be carefully studied. The sub-projects that cause serious interference or pollution to the curtain wall installation should be arranged before the curtain wall installation. Otherwise, reliable protection measures should be taken to install the curtain wall.

  (2) Measurement release line:

  1 According to the curtain wall large sample map and the elevation point, the entrance and exit line and the axis position given by the general package unit, the curtain wall plane, column and branch are determined on the main body by measuring tools such as heavy hammer, steel wire, measuring instrument and level. Base lines such as grid and corner, and adjusted and retested with theodolite.

 2 The measuring line of the dividing wall of the curtain wall should be matched with the measuring line of the main structure. The horizontal level should be led from the ground layer by layer to avoid the error accumulation. The error is greater than the specified allowable deviation, including the vertical deviation value. It should be in the design, After the supervisors agree, the axis of the curtain wall should be properly adjusted to meet the structural requirements of the curtain wall.

  (3) Connector deviation processing:

  1 When the deviation of the connecting piece is 45~150mm, it is allowed to add the steel plate with the same thickness and the same material as the connecting piece, and the connecting piece is welded. The welding height is ≥7mm, and the welded joint is continuous corner welding.

  2 If the deviation of the connecting piece exceeds 300mm or cannot be processed on site due to other reasons, the design department, owner, supervisor and other relevant parties shall jointly propose a feasibility treatment plan and sign the trial, and the construction department shall follow the plan.

 3 When the surface of the connecting piece has a large inclination error in the vertical direction, it should be welded with a steel plate with a suitable thickness. It is strictly forbidden to use padding or lap welding with irregular metal parts such as steel bars.

  4 The size of the steel plate and the number and location of the building anchors can be determined by design according to the actual situation on site.

  5 Connection anti-corrosion measures must be carried out in accordance with national standards. If there are special requirements, they must be disposed of as required.

   (4) Column installation:

  1 Before the installation of the column, carefully check whether the specification, size, quantity and number of the column are consistent with the construction drawings; the construction personnel must carry out training on high-altitude operations and obtain the employment certificate before entering the construction site; The relevant provisions of the health regulations and the current industry standard "Safety Technical Specifications for Construction Construction High Work", JGJ80, pay special attention to the fact that when the wind exceeds 5, it is not allowed to work at height.

  2 Connect the column to the connector first, then connect the connector to the body connector and adjust and fix it.

  3 The deviation of the installation elevation of adjacent columns shall not exceed 3mm, the deviation of the maximum elevation of the same column shall not exceed 5mm, and the deviation of the distance of adjacent columns shall not exceed 2mm.

  4 Anti-corrosion spacers must be added between the column and the contact surface of the connector.

  5 After the column is initially positioned according to the deviation requirements, self-test should be carried out, and the unqualified should be adjusted and corrected. Soldered connectors and connectors must be reliably protected against corrosion.

  6 The glass curtain wall column should be installed in place and adjusted in time; the temporary bolts installed on the glass curtain wall should be removed in time after the components are installed, in place, adjusted and tightened.

  7 The welding site must be fireproof and explosion-proof safety measures before operation; the fire bucket should be set under the weldment, the operator must wear protective glasses and a mask when operating; the electric welder (entry "electric welder" is provided by the industry encyclopedia Grounding neutral wire and welding work return line must comply with relevant safety regulations.

  After the 8 columns are firmly installed, the standard block for positioning the expansion joint between the upper and lower columns must be removed, and the sealant is applied at the expansion joint.

  (5) Beam installation:

  1 The beam section is embedded in the column, and the elastic rubber pad should be added at the joint between the two ends to meet the requirements of lateral temperature deformation.

  2 Beam installation must be carried out after the steel structure is completed and the column is installed. The building is installed from top to bottom, and the same floor is installed from bottom to top. When installing a layer of height, it should be inspected, adjusted, corrected and fixed to meet the quality requirements.

   3 The beam should be firmly installed according to the design requirements. The joint between the beam and the column should be sealed with the same color as the column and beam.

  (6) Covert acceptance:

  1 Concealed engineering inspections must be carried out at any time during the construction of the process.

 2 Concealed acceptance items include: installation of joints between components and main structures; installation of gap joints between curtain walls, inner surfaces of curtain walls and main structures; installation of curtain wall expansion joints, settlement joints and wall corners; decorative panels and main The structure of the screw connection between the force members is accepted before the upper screws are sealed.

  (7) Component installation:

 Before the installation of the glass frame, the glass and the surrounding aluminum (the term “aluminum” shall be provided by the industry encyclopedia) shall be cleaned to ensure the reliable bonding of the weathering rubber of the caulking; the coating surface of the glass before installation shall be adhered with a protective film. Protection, all removed before delivery.

  1 The variety, specification and color of glass should be consistent with the design requirements. The color of the whole curtain wall glass should be uniform, and the coated surface of the glass should face indoors.

  2 The glass frame should be protected during installation to avoid collision, damage or drop.

  3 For the clamp of the fixed glass frame, it is strictly prohibited to install the fastening screw with or without the fastening screw.

  The 4 divisional glass joints shall be vertical and horizontal, and the seam width shall be uniform; after each glass frame is initially positioned, it shall be coordinated with the adjacent glass frames to ensure that the joints meet the requirements.

  (8) Fireproof insulation:

  1 The installation of fireproof and thermal insulation materials shall be strictly in accordance with the design requirements. The fireproof and thermal insulation materials shall adopt a whole piece of rock wool, and the fireproof sealing plates of the fixed fireproof and thermal insulation materials shall be anchored firmly.

  2 The gap between the surrounding of the glass curtain wall and the main structure should be filled with fireproof and thermal insulation materials. When filling the fireproof and thermal insulation material, it must be filled and filled, no space is allowed to be left; and aluminum foil is used to prevent the fireproof insulation material from being damaged by moisture.

  3 In the process of filling fireproof and thermal insulation materials, quality inspection personnel should conduct random inspections from time to time, and find that they fail to rework in time to eliminate hidden dangers.

  (9) Seal:

  1 After the glass or glass component is installed, it must be sealed with weatherproof sealant in time to ensure the airtightness and watertightness of the glass curtain wall.

  2 The weather-resistant silicone sealant should be cleaned before construction. The water, grease, rust, cement mortar, dust and other debris should be ensured in the joint; toluene or methyl diethyl ketone can be used as a cleaning agent.

 3 Weather-resistant silicone sealant should form opposite sides in the joint, and should not be bonded on three sides. The bottom of the deeper sealing groove should be filled with polyethylene foam material.

  4 In order to protect the glass and aluminum frame from contamination, the base paper tape should be removed immediately after filling the adhesive tape at the area where the contamination may occur.

  (10) Protection and cleaning:

  1 The curtain wall under construction shall be protected by appropriate measures to prevent collision, deformation, discoloration, pollution and clogging of the drain pipe.

  2 Adhesives that affect the surface decoration of curtain walls and curtain wall components during construction shall be removed in time to restore their original condition.

 3 After the installation of the glass curtain wall project is completed, a cleaning plan (cleaning tools, hanging baskets, cleaning methods, time, procedures, etc.) should be developed to prevent surface contamination and abnormalities on the curtain wall.

  After the installation of the curtain wall, the surface of the curtain wall and the exposed components should be cleaned with a neutral detergent from top to bottom. Clean the neutral detergent of glass and aluminum alloy. Corrosion test should be carried out before cleaning. It proves that it can be used without corrosion to aluminum alloy and glass. The cleaning agent has the influence of glass cleaner and aluminum alloy cleaner. Can not be used incorrectly; the cleaning agent should be rinsed with clean water in time.

  Fourth, winter construction technical measures

  1. For the winter construction of the curtain wall, the most important solution is the injection molding process of silicone weathering adhesive. The too low temperature will affect the curing quality of the weathering adhesive. Therefore, it should be avoided to apply glue at night, morning and evening at lower temperatures, and it is necessary to choose between noon (11:00 to 15:00).


2. At the same time, when the glue is injected, the competent project manager should entrust a full-time quality inspector to inspect the surface of the bonding material before the glue injection process can be carried out. The quality inspectors shall record the temperature on the day of construction in detail, and check the quality after curing in a timely manner.

  3, curtain wall steel keel winter application requirements:

  (1) When installing the steel structure at a negative temperature, pay attention to the deviation of the outer dimensions of the steel structure caused by temperature changes. If the steel structure is installed at a normal temperature and installed at a negative temperature, measures should be taken to adjust the deviation.

  (2) Avoid outdoor work in snowy days, especially when it is rainy or snowy, stop construction. After the snow, the snow on the outdoor scaffolding and construction work surface should be cleaned and re-worked. For the mechanical equipment used in winter construction, winter maintenance and antifreeze are added to ensure the normal operation of machinery and vehicles.

  (3) Strengthen the winter construction education for construction workers, and always remind the construction workers of the winter workers' precautions. At the same time, the construction workers will be issued with cotton gloves, cotton clothing and other labor insurance products, and the construction workers will be protected from cold and frost.

  (4) Hanging blue, the outer wall scaffolding should be made of plastic cloth and windproof, and the thermal insulation curtain should be insulated to ensure the normal construction of high-altitude workers.

  (5) Increase the area and density of hanging blue, safety nets for scaffolding, improve the safety factor of aerial work, and adhere to the principle of prevention.

  V. Winter construction safety measures

  1. Carry out a thorough and thorough inspection of all the mechanical equipment used, suspended, repaired, repaired and in stock at the construction site. If there are any problems in time, rectify and implement the management and maintenance of mechanical equipment during the winter application period.

  2. Unused mechanical equipment is put into stock, and all closed and temporarily suspended mechanical equipment is protected from freezing and damage.

  3, the machinery and equipment for multiple shifts should be strictly implemented according to the regulations, and the maintenance work after the shift should be done carefully before the shift.

  4, ready for winter supplies: vehicle machinery and equipment should be added insulation sleeves, with antifreeze, anti-skid liquid, etc., ready to use a variety of fuels and lubricants in winter.

  5. When there is a strong wind of six or more levels, stop the operation.

  6. The safety department should organize construction workers of various types of work to carry out safety education before the winter application, and improve the safety awareness of winter applications. 10 minutes before the class every day, carry out safety disclosure, check 5 minutes after the class to avoid potential safety hazards, and make a record.

  7. Strengthen safety inspections, and it is strictly forbidden to pile up materials on the construction site. If it is found that there are hidden dangers of flammable, explosive and dangerous goods, it shall be ordered to be rectified in time and reviewed in time.

  8. Do a good job in safety protection, repair the access passages in the living area and the construction area, and do well in anti-freezing, anti-skid, anti-gas poisoning and explosion-proof work. Handle the water on the ground in time, and prevent the ice from slipping and hurting people.

 9. After heavy snow, the snow on the shelf must be cleaned and the platform of the horse is checked. If there is looseness and sinking, it is necessary to report the project leader in time and handle it in time.

  10, all kinds of machinery should be managed by a special person, the operator must have an examination certificate, and strictly operate according to the requirements of the operating procedures, prohibiting illegal operations.

   11. Lifting and hoisting with electric hoist (see construction organization design), hang the safety sign in obvious place, and be commanded by professional signal workers.

   12. If you are in contact with hot water or steam source during construction, you should prevent burns.

  13. When using the hot melt method for waterproof construction, the solvent base treatment agent must not be operated with a blowtorch (or hot melt spray gun) before it is fully volatilized; the spray distance between the flame and the coil must be maintained during operation to prevent fire.

  14. Winter construction workers should be equipped with winter gloves, shoes, hats, clothing and other cold-proof labor insurance products, and should be applied regularly to ensure the normal construction of construction workers.

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