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Design and analysis of glass curtain wall system

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Design and analysis of glass curtain wall system

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 Design and analysis of glass curtain wall system

 With the rapid development of the economy, a variety of high-rise buildings have appeared in large numbers, and the glass curtain wall has also developed rapidly. The diversity of the form of the curtain wall makes the curtain wall system gradually accepted. Through the engineering example of the glass curtain wall system, this paper analyzes the modeling of the facade curtain wall in detail, discusses the difficulties and key points in the curtain wall system, emphasizes the importance of the innovative design ideas of the curtain wall system, and analyzes the design principle of introducing the unit curtain wall. A new idea of the combined unit beam was proposed, and some results were obtained in the design of the curtain wall system. It is hoped that the curtain wall designer can help.

  The curtain wall system needs to consider rationality, practicability and convenience. When designing the curtain wall system, we must pay attention to schedule, cost and quality. A good curtain wall system must reduce the construction period, reduce the cost and improve the quality as much as possible. In the curtain wall system, there are frame-type curtain wall systems, unitized curtain wall systems, curtain wall systems, etc., which are favored for their particularity, but the irregular shape of some special positions also poses challenges for design and construction.


  1. Project Overview

  Suzhou International Fortune Plaza is located in the south of Suhua Road, the main road of Suzhou Industrial Park. The west side is Xingyuan Street, the east side and the south side are rivers, and the east side of the river is Xinghan Street. The project is an episode of office, bank hall and catering. The integrated project consists of East (B Tower), West (A Tower) Tower and Podium. The 34th floor of Dongta Tower has a building height of 169.10m; the 47th floor of the West Tower has a building height of 230.00m; the podium has 4 floors and 3 underground floors, and will be West Tower 12/F, 18/F, East Tower 5/F, The 18/F and roofing layers are set up as refuge areas. The project land area is 1,305 m2 and the total construction area is 196,473.82 m2. The decorative curtain wall of this project mainly includes the following types of curtain wall: unit glass curtain wall, unit aluminum curtain wall, equipment layer glass blind wall, roof steel structure unit glass curtain wall. There are component glass curtain wall, aluminum glass curtain wall and stone glass curtain wall in the podium.

  2. Analysis of the facade curtain wall

  The façade of the glass curtain wall is different from the traditional rectangular curtain wall, which has a stronger visual impact. If the glass curtain wall system adopts the glass curtain wall, the overall effect of the system is enhanced, and the façade shape is more novel and unique. The following is a more in-depth analysis of the facade curtain wall through the construction example of the glass curtain wall. The height of the building tower is 4.3m and the horizontal partition is 1500mm. The appearance of the curtain wall is increased by the use of the horizontal bright frame shade decorative grille. The use of glass increases the diversity of the color of the curtain wall, improves the overall effect of the building, and presents a sense of layering and three-dimensionality.

  For the design of the curtain wall, on the one hand, it must comply with the relevant norms and requi209416955-Copy.jpgrements, and the other side should also have the role of environmental protection and energy conservation. Only in this way can the applicability, economy and environmental protection of the curtain wall be obtained, so the curtain wall design has corresponding principles. . Specifically, there are mainly several aspects. First, the structure is reliable; second, the function is practical; third, the effect is beautiful; fourth, the system is energy-saving; fifth, the installation and maintenance are convenient; sixth, the cost is low.  

3. Curtain wall system analysis

  The engineering system is basically composed of a unitized curtain wall system. The integrity of the system makes the curtain wall system feel shocking. Especially for such high-rise buildings, this vivid image brings people a sense of enjoyment. In addition, the glass curtain wall system has good thermal performance, which ensures that the building can meet the needs of comprehensive services.

  In the unitized curtain wall system of the project, different systems pass through the aluminum plate groove unit plate transition. This design brings certain difficulty to the installation and waterproofing of the curtain wall. After discussion and analysis, the particularity of the curtain wall system is discussed and analyzed. Summarized the design method of this curtain wall system, hoping to help the curtain wall designers.

  1) The concave angle of the groove plate does not set up the column, and the integral frame is formed by the welding frame of the aluminum alloy beam, and the silicone sealant is applied to the sink beam at the welding place to realize the unit sink connection, which constitutes the rain screen waterproof.

  2) The column at the male corner of the groove plate is hooked on the zigzag aluminum alloy support by the hanging code. The column and the hanging point are added to increase the safety in the middle position of the groove plate. The column is fixed to the top and bottom sink beams. It not only ensures the safety margin, but also increases the overall strength of the unit block group frame.

  3) The installation of the unit plate in the groove is also a problem considered in the design. Since the groove unit adopts the 3-point attachment, it is required to ensure the accuracy of the stakeout during the construction process, and the installation and adjustment of the support must meet the requirements; The order of installation is also subject to system considerations.

  4) The processing quality of the groove unit is also the core of the design. The groove unit adopts the aluminum alloy welding process, and the welding quality must be ensured. At the same time, the quality of the glue must be ensured, thereby achieving the purpose of design.

  In general, as a unitized curtain wall system, the project has some similarities with the previous curtain wall, but it also adds detailed design suitable for the project. If there is no innovation and change, the old design ideas are still copied, and the material manufacturing of the curtain wall system. Curtain wall installation, construction period, and construction difficulty are all severely challenged. The curtain wall system of this project is basically a unit system, which is processed and installed in the factory to facilitate the control of the quality of the curtain wall, and it is easy to achieve the visual beauty that the architect hopes to use the curtain wall.

  4. Precautions in the design of the curtain wall system  The unit curtain wall system is widely used in the curtain wall of the project, and the standard compartments are basically the same, and the processing and material management are very convenient. In view of the regularity of the curtain wall system, we can innovate the design ideas when designing the curtain wall system and introduce the design principle of the unit curtain wall. The curtain wall of the project unit has a large area, and the cost control and construction of the curtain wall should pay attention to the following items: 1) After the unit curtain wall system is used, the cost of the curtain wall is greatly increased, and the economics of the curtain wall cannot be guaranteed.  2) The on-site lifting efficiency of the groove plate is very low, which increases the construction period of the curtain wall installation, which will undoubtedly pose a challenge to the construction period of the curtain wall system.

  3) Waterproof and drainage lines are involved in the splicing of the curtain wall. These lines affect the waterproof effect of the curtain wall. Due to the special characteristics of the special-shaped panels, the quality of the splicing of the special-shaped panels is high, which requires the professional ability of the workers to be very good.

  5. Analysis of the design results of the curtain wall system

  In the curtain wall system of this project, the design of the groove transition unit is among the top priorities, and it is also the finishing touch for the engineering system design. It not only ensures a smooth transition between different wall systems, but also achieves the appearance of the architect's requirements. The following is a more vivid representation of the curtain wall nodes and effects through Figure 2.

  6. Conclusion

  In recent years, the country has been building a large number of people, and the construction of infrastructure is very fast. At the same time, the development momentum of the real estate industry cannot be underestimated. With the development of the construction field, the technology and application of the curtain wall industry are constantly improving, and various curtain wall systems such as frame curtain walls, curtain walls and unitized curtain walls are used. For the curtain wall system, the development is not mature enough. In the actual application process, many problems have been encountered. The designers of the curtain wall system should be aware of the problem, break the shackles of ideas, and innovate the design ideas system. The importance of the curtain wall is self-evident, but in order to better play the role and effect of the curtain wall, we should sum up the experience, improve the management level, and promote the healthy development of the curtain wall industry.

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