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The country recommends the urbanization reform to promote new opportunities in the door and window industry

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The country recommends the urbanization reform to promote new opportunities in the door and window industry

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The country recommends the urbanization reform to promote new opportunities in the door and window industry

   As China's urbanization construction continues to accelerate, it also brings new life to the development of door and window enterprises, coupled with people's new requirements for quality of life, bringing new opportunities for development of fire doors and windows and fire window systems. We should grasp the future development trend early, adjust the development strategy, and welcome the arrival of the transition period.


    Under the guidance of the new urbanization strategy, the state will build a large number of low-rent housing and affordable housing in the process of real estate regulation and control, and will continue to regulate the speculative real estate speculation in the new urban market. Due to the economic development of new urbanization, the purchasing power of residents is increasing, and the purchase of houses and home furnishings is a rigid demand, which is a great development space for the door and window industry.

    In addition, the development of the door and window industry has begun to enter the e-commerce channel stage. Among them, the door and window industry is particularly eye-catching. According to relevant data, the sales of door and window products on the Internet are very large, and the growth rate is very fast, and it is increasing at a rate of multiple times every year. Industry experts believe that for the door and window industry, although the e-commerce channel is still not perfect, it must be the "fat land" for a long time in the future. It can be foreseen that this “fat land” will become another important battlefield for the door and window industry, and the door and window industry will also enter a transformation stage.

    In the face of the booming trend of e-commerce, what is the attitude of enterprises? Taking the door and window industry as an example, it is understood that when the “double-reverse” of Chinese door and window products is intensified abroad, the company resolutely expands its development focus from foreign trade to internal and external considerations. A brand development strategy based on the domestic market. On the occasion of the rise of the online mall, it has spent a lot of money to build a network of direct-operated stores and corporate official website construction, and drank the "head soup" of e-commerce marketing. With the development of Internet marketing, the e-commerce operation of enterprises has gradually matured, and the entire process from production to sales has been upgraded to form a unique cloud operation mode. Use the cloud platform to integrate e-commerce resources, guide the source of the source from the network to the offline, and increase the terminal source and sales. At the same time, borrowing big data analysis, establishing a digital experience store, optimizing the user experience, and forming a good word-of-mouth communication.

    In addition to obtaining the first win of the fire door and window industry e-commerce, some companies have also made strategic adjustments to the urbanization trend. We have developed a new marketing plan to expand the investment channels and expand the investment. The company has also developed a set of comprehensive support policies to support the development of the dealer business. In addition to providing regular materials and talent support for dealers, it also innovatively launched to help dealers establish data systems and clarify market dynamics. The outstanding investment results also confirmed the correctness of this attempt.

    The implementation of the new urbanization reform pointed out the future development direction of the door and window enterprises. Under the premise that the enterprise e-commerce operation is maturing, it can only take the lead in the industry before it can break through in the fierce competition in the future. There is a place in the door and window market.

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