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Fireproof window common types and applications

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Fireproof window common types and applications

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  Fireproof window common types and applications

  With the increasing awareness of fire prevention among the people, fire protection products are also diverse, and fire windows are a common fire protection product. The same fire door is also a fireproof product, its role can not be ignored. As a company specializing in the production and sale of fire windows and fire doors in Guangzhou, our company will introduce you to the common types of fire doors and the corresponding applicable places in order to let everyone know more about our products. There are three main types of fire doors:

  Steel fire door: It is a fireproof partition with low cost and easy installation. China's steel fire doors started late, but they are developing rapidly. It has advantages in terms of fire resistance stability, integrity and heat insulation. With the continuous improvement of technology, steel fire doors also occupy a certain fire door market. In terms of application, it has also been expanded: residential and residential stairwell entrances and exits, large-scale evacuation walkways, pipeline wellheads and other industrial and civil construction sites for personnel access.


    Steel fireproof security door: This kind of door is designed on the basis of steel fire door and steel security door. It has the functions of fireproof and anti-theft, and is a kind of dual-purpose door. The steel fireproof security door is made of segmented cold-rolled steel plate material, which is superior to other doors in the functions of impact resistance, damage resistance and anti-theft. At the same time, some fireproof security doors also have the function of unlocking the outer door. In addition to using the original key, the other unlocking tools cannot be opened in the outdoor, and the anti-smashing property of the security door is increased after the anti-locking. Such fire doors are widely used in some residential communities.

    Fire shutter doors: an essential fire protection facility in modern high-rise buildings. Due to corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, small footprint, and high maneuverability, it has been widely used in large supermarkets (sales stores), large shopping malls, large professional materials markets, large exhibition halls, factories, warehouses, etc. Applications

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