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What are the common fireproof windows?

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What are the common fireproof windows?

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What are the common fireproof windows?

There are two types of fire windows that are commonly used today:

One is the open fire window, also known as the iron plate fire window. It is mainly used in the construction of the warehouse. It is the same as the general window. It can be turned on or ventilated during daytime work; it is closed after work to prevent entry of foreign fire.

The second is a fixed fire window, also known as fire glass fire window. Firstly, it is relatively close to the two buildings. Although the outer wall has adopted a firewall with high fire endurance, some rooms have difficult lighting, and it is necessary to open a window hole on the wall or fire partition wall due to the production process or process. The need to open the window where the demand is. The current glass fire window has two kinds of lead glass fire window and transparent fire glass fire window.

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