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What is the correct maintenance method for fireproof windows?

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What is the correct maintenance method for fireproof windows?

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What is the correct maintenance method for fireproof windows?

   Since I started working in the fire window industry, I have been exposed to a lot of customers who buy fire windows. One phenomenon is very common: I found that many customers put their fire windows installed after they were installed, and some even don’t know. This kind of window also has the maintenance theory that the window is the same as the ordinary household window. It is not known that the window is fireproof. If it is not properly maintained, it is easy to use the best fireproof effect when the fire occurs. How should such windows be maintained?

I will give you a detailed introduction below. In fact, the maintenance method is very simple. You only need to maintain more in daily use.

   First, the way to maintain the fire window is to keep the form clean. Household windows may only be cleaned once or twice a year. Cleaning is only done when it looks dirty, but it is not suitable for this kind of window with fireproof function, but it is to be cleaned daily. When the stains appear on the window, clean it up as soon as possible. This kind of stain has a great hindrance to the fireproof effect of the window. Therefore, do not underestimate these stains, and clean them in time to ensure that the fireproof effect can be played normally.

   Second, pay attention to the tool when cleaning the cleaning window. Even if there are some stubborn stains on the fireproof window, it is not recommended to use the wire brush to wipe the tool because the stain is removed, but the coating on the window surface will be Damaged, fire resistance is compromised, so it is recommended to wipe with a soft cloth such as a rag. It is also worth noting that if you use water to wipe the windows, do not let the windows and water contact for too long, and do not immerse the windows in the water to avoid irreversible damage to the windows. Everyone buys this kind of window for safety. If a fire can produce a good fireproof effect, don't be lucky. In daily maintenance of the window, you must do it.

   After listening to my introduction, is it very simple, so you don't have to worry about not maintaining the fire window. You can get into the habit according to my two methods.

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