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Precautions for purchasing fire windows and analysis of fire window materials

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Precautions for purchasing fire windows and analysis of fire window materials

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Precautions for purchasing fire windows and analysis of fire window materials

   In the 21st century, with the continuous improvement of people's material life, people have higher requirements and experiences for their own lives, and they cherish their lives more. Therefore, security risks are constantly increasing. In particular, the casualties and property losses caused by the recent fires are deeply engraved in people's hearts. For the personal safety of the family, in order to minimize the loss, it is particularly important to choose a suitable fire door and window. At the same time, as an important escape route, basic precautions are essential.


First, the type of fire window:

1. Non-openable fireproof windows: The windows of the fireproof windows cannot be opened, and the sashes are completely closed around them.

2. Fire window that can be opened: the window of the fire window can be opened, and the closing of the fire window requires the function of the opening device and the closing device of the fire window.

Second, the installation requirements of fire windows:

1. When installing the fireproof window, firstly carry out a comprehensive inspection. The problems of the inspection include whether there is deformation, damage, etc., and whether all the accessories of the fireproof window are all qualified and qualified, and the window sash cannot be warped. . If damage is found, etc., repair it to use it properly.

2. When the fire window is installed, the front and rear of the fire window must be kept at a certain angle. The angle is generally 90 degrees. It can be corrected by using the level ruler. The angle can also be corrected by the hanging line method. What needs to be done is Horizontal and vertical, the same level needs to be kept the same level.

3. When the fire window is installed, its window frame needs to be connected with the surrounding buildings as a whole, and the connected accessories may be wood or iron. After the installation of the steel window frame, all the gaps between the window frame and the building are filled with cement mortar, and it takes a period of maintenance to be used. The curing time is generally more than 24 hours.

Third, the fire window material and accessories:

1. The window frame and frame of the fireproof window are required to have a certain strength, and the strength can ensure sufficient stability and integrity of the wooden frame or the steel frame.

2. The steel frame and the bead of the fireproof window may be made of galvanized steel or stainless steel.

3. The material of the wooden frame and bead of the fireproof window needs to meet the requirements in the General Technical Conditions for Wooden Fire Doors.

4. The material that needs to be filled inside the steel frame or the wooden frame cannot be flammable.

5. The selection of fireproof glass for fireproof windows is as long as it does not affect the fire resistance of the fireproof windows, and at the same time, it must prevent the fire from spreading and isolating the smoke in the event of a fire.

6. There should be a corresponding sealing material between the frame of the fireproof window and the fireproof glass of the fireproof window. The sealing material is characterized by flame retardance. After the fire occurs, it must have the function of isolating smoke and fire.

7. The opening and closing device of the fire window should have the function of temperature sensing, thereby achieving the function of releasing the sash, including integration and multi-body.

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