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Why the interior uses steel profiles fireproof glass partitions, fireproof doors and windows design

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Why the interior uses steel profiles fireproof glass partitions, fireproof doors and windows design

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 Why the interior uses the design of steel profiles fireproof glass partitions, fire doors and windows 

The fireproof glass and steel profile system is used as the indoor fireproof partition material, which can fundamentally solve such hidden dangers and defects. (In the past, indoor fireproof partitions mostly used firewalls or steel fireproof roller blinds, which were cumbersome and impenetrable. The support structure is wasted, the installation is difficult, and the ceiling of the ceiling is affected. As with glass curtain wall fire protection, fireproof glass and steel profile systems should be used as indoor or exterior wall doors and windows if fire resistance is required.


  Fireproof glass is a special brittle fireproof material. When exposed to high temperature (500~600 degrees), the glass begins to soften. If aluminum alloy profiles and other composite profiles are too low or too deformed, the whole fireproof glass frame system will be caused. Collapsed and lost fire protection. In order to ensure that the entire fireproof glass frame system can truly meet the fire protection requirements, and through the National Fireproof Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center 1:1 real sample test, in addition to selecting high quality fireproof glass, it must also be equipped with a special fireproof glass steel profile system.


   The steel profiles for fire-resistant glass are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel or stainless steel. They are stamped and bent into closed profiles. All steel profiles and fittings are processed in the workshop. In order to ensure the quality of anti-corrosion and anti-rust, cold-rolled steel plates are used. The surface of the special steel profile for fireproof glass is subjected to pickling and phosphating treatment in the workshop before fluorocarbon baking or powder coating. The appearance of fireproof glass and steel profile system has fundamentally solved the fire prevention problem of glass curtain wall and doors and windows, and provided a better choice for the indoor fireproof partition and the design of smoke prevention partition.

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