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The development trend of glass partition wall in the next five years

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The development trend of glass partition wall in the next five years

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 The development trend of glass partition wall in the next five years

    The low-carbon economy is an economic model based on low energy consumption, low pollution and low emissions. It is another major progress of human society following agricultural civilization and industrial civilization. In line with the current people's requirements for life, the energy-saving and environmental protection safety effects of energy-saving glass partition wall products or fire-resistant glass partition products are in line with the requirements of low-carbon economy and low-carbon society.

  From the experience of foreign development, the enforcement of national policies is the development trend of housing construction. We can make bold speculations on the demand for energy-saving fireproof glass partition walls in the next five years.


   Assumption one, the proportion of energy-saving standards in the newly added building area will be 30%-60%. First, the annual average of 2.5 billion square meters of new building area in the next five years; Second, according to China's proposed building energy-saving goals; by 2015, 1/2 of the new buildings nationwide will achieve the goal of 50% energy saving, by 2020, the country All new buildings have achieved the goal of 65% energy savings.


   Assumption 2, the energy-saving transformation rate of existing buildings in the next five years will be 3%-6%, and the existing construction area in China is about 22.5 billion square meters.


   Assumption 3, the area of energy-saving fireproof glass partition wall accounts for 25% of the building area.

  From the above analysis, even according to the cautious assumption, the annual demand for energy-saving fireproof glass partitions in the next five years is also 89 million square meters, including windows and glass partitions. But it has far exceeded the current supply level. The author works in the domestic first-class glass partition, fire glass partition contractor - PDA Group Shanghai company, the author believes that in the next five years, China's construction industry's demand for energy conservation will continue to maintain a high growth rate of more than 35%.

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