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Method guide and explanation for the identification of stainless steel profiles

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Method guide and explanation for the identification of stainless steel profiles

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Method guide and explanation for the identification of stainless steel profiles

There are many types of stainless steel, so how do you judge or identify? This is a more professional problem, but through some simple methods, you can also make judgments. Then the following small series will explain the mystery, so that everyone can know and understand, so that the type of stainless steel can be easily identified.


The physical identification of stainless steel is to identify the type of stainless steel by means of simple tools. However, it should be noted that it can only basically distinguish the three types of chromium stainless steel, chrome-nickel stainless steel and chromium-manganese-nitrogen stainless steel, which cannot be specific to the steel number.

1.Color aspect

After pickling stainless steel, the surface is silvery white, but if it is not pickled, it is different, specifically:

After pickling, the chrome stainless steel is slightly grayish white and has a poor surface gloss. If it is not pickled, it is brownish black.

After pickling, the chrome-nickel stainless steel is silvery white and brownish white if not pickled.

Chromium-manganese-nitrogen stainless steel is silver-white after pickling, but it is lighter than chrome-nickel stainless steel and black if it is not pickled.

2.Identification with magnetite

This method can only distinguish two types of stainless steel, which are chrome stainless steel and chrome-manganese-nitrogen stainless steel. The former can attract magnetite, while the latter cannot. Chrome-nickel stainless steel is more complicated because it is both magnetic and non-magnetic.

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