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What are the series and advantages of door and window steel profiles?

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What are the series and advantages of door and window steel profiles?

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What are the series and advantages of door and window steel profiles?

The steel profiles of doors and windows are mostly made of aluminum alloy. There are many series, such as 70 series profiles and 90 series profiles. The characteristics or advantages of different profiles are different. The versatile series is used in the construction industry at a very low price, and it has excellent water resistance and moisture resistance, which avoids the rot and expansion caused by wood. The performance is superior to that of the painful wood. Profile doors and windows can effectively prevent insects, and many manufacturers have a long history of production, not only the processing of profiles, but also the design and sales of doors and windows. Now there are already doors and windows aluminum alloys that are processed and sold in one. Profile company.


The reason why the aluminum alloy profiles of the door and window type are so popular is because of various aspects. For example, such materials are very light, have good anti-aging function, long service life, can maintain good appearance for a long time, are not easy to expand and deform, and are hygienic and safe, and meet the national standards. Because the profiles of the frame fans are not easily discolored, and the appearance is generous, they are processed by the broken bridge technology and are popular.

Door and window profiles have many different types of powders depending on the color, such as silver-white profiles, bronze profiles, or simulated stainless steel profiles. The price of profiles used for door and window production is more than 10,000 RMB, and the price of high-grade profiles can reach 20,000 RMB per ton. At present, plastic steel profiles can be used to process doors and windows. The biggest advantage of plastic steel products is the sunscreen effect number, dustproof effect number, and long-term application will not cause color change.

Most plastic steel profiles do not exceed 0.5 mm in dimensional error, and the tilt error will not exceed 0.3 degrees. It has good anti-oil and anti-chemical corrosion functions and is a commonly used material for residential decoration. Moreover, the steel profile is light in weight, easy to install and save labor.

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