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Application of home security steel frame bulletproof glass doors and windows

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Application of home security steel frame bulletproof glass doors and windows

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Application of home security steel frame bulletproof glass doors and windows

As the summer weather gets hotter, the high incidence of burglary in the window (drilling window) is coming again. Recently, many media such as Nanjing in Jiangsu, Baotou in Inner Mongolia, and Wuhan in Hubei have reported on the news that residents' communities have been thieves burglary. The security and monitoring problems in the community have become the focus of people's doubts. Home security has once again become a hot topic.

Thief theft is a criminal activity that is difficult to avoid in modern society. The most dangerous theft is to invade indoors, and the doors and windows are the weakest link for criminals to invade. In addition to strengthening security measures in the community, the selection of high-quality security anti-theft bullet-proof windows and doors will be a barrier to prevent, stop, and delay theft, robbery, illegal intrusion, destruction and other illegal crimes.

Characteristics of anti-theft bulletproof glass doors and windows:

High-quality anti-theft bulletproof glass doors and windows are made of steel frame profiles and anti-theft bulletproof glass. They have:

Professional bulletproof: high mechanical strength, can effectively block the adjustment of flying objects, not easily penetrated by warheads.

Strong security: excellent strength and toughness, it has a strong defense against malicious destruction and violent invasion.

Good adhesion: When strong impact, the glass fragments are stuck by the organic film, which is not easy to splash and hurt people.

UV protection: It can effectively block the damage of ultraviolet rays to the human body and the fading effect on indoor objects.

Sound insulation: It can block the transmission and interference of various voices and reduce the influence of external temperature.

Anti-theft bulletproof glass doors and windows can prevent bullets:

According to the different needs of customers, we can provide products with different gun elastic energy levels, such as:

M14 automatic rifle / 7.62mm NATO bomb

F56 submachine gun / 7.62 steel core bomb

F79 type light front gun / 7.62 steel core bomb

F54 pistol / 7.62 steel core bomb



Anti-theft bulletproof glass doors and windows application areas:

Applicable places are widely used in banking, jewelry, securities, postal, insurance and other systems, and also adapt to places with high security requirements such as high-end villas and commercial buildings.

Anti-theft bulletproof glass doors and windows processing range:

It can meet the requirements of customers with large hole size, and can also take into account the beauty and safety of doors and windows, and make the building's vision more broad.


With high-quality safety doors and windows, and at the same time not forgetting the safety of home security, let us really have peace of mind.

Long holiday off day, the most important thing is theft

      The community is my home, and it is against everyone. Unity and harmony between neighbors, mutual care is the best medicine to strengthen prevention. When encountering a stranger near your home, be careful, monitor, check, or dial 110 if necessary. Take care of public anti-theft facilities, and close the door to the public security door. Do not borrow the key of the public security door, and do not open the security door for those who do not know.

Don't forget to check before going out to sleep. All the doors, windows, exhaust ports and air-conditioning ports of the home should be checked frequently, the damage should be replaced in time, and the door should be closed at the door. Don't give the keys to a child who is not sensible. Especially before going out and going to sleep, we should carefully check whether the doors and windows are loose, and properly reinforced the front and back windows and more remote doors and windows. The residents of the building will close the doors and windows (kitchen, toilet, balcony as the key parts).

Have money to deposit the bank, remember the password. Don't store a lot of cash and deposit slips at home. The account number and password on the passbook should be recorded in your heart or other secret book. Don't put it together with ID card and account book.

Items are marked and stolen. If a specific and indelible mark is engraved on a valuable item, the criminals are not easy to sell and play a role in protecting their property.

Learn to confuse the soul, and skillfully cast empty city plans. When the whole family is out in the evening, it is best to light up a light or turn on the radio. When the whole family goes out for a long time, they should wear some clothes on the balcony, so that it is difficult for the criminals to judge whether there is someone at home, so they dare not rush.

Found a thief, don't panic. Once you find or have been stolen, don't panic, don't flip the scene easily, and call the police right now.

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