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Professional application of fireproof glass in fire curtain wall door and window system

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Professional application of fireproof glass in fire curtain wall door and window system

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Professional application of fireproof glass in fireproof curtain wall fire door and window system 

Fire is a kind of disaster with high frequency in frequent disasters in the world today. It is also the largest disaster in time and space. Fire can occur not only in the life and production fields with human activities, but also in mines. Down, on the ocean, in the forest.

With the rapid development of the economy, the construction industry has also advanced by leaps and bounds, and high-rise buildings have blossomed everywhere, and new problems and challenges have emerged in fire safety. Frequent fires in recent years, especially the CCTV fires provide the people with fire prevention awareness. In the future, China's fire protection policy will be more stringent, and the mandatory use of fireproof glass (building types and important parts of buildings) may be upgraded on the existing basis. At the same time, in limited circumstances, to solve the housing problem, the proportion of high-rise buildings in China will rise, and the fire protection requirements for high-rise buildings will be more stringent.

Today, we will introduce the following professional applications for high-rise fire-resistant glass curtain wall systems, fire window systems, and fire-proof glass products in fireproof partitions for reference by the majority of businesses and designers:

Fireproof glass is divided into two types according to the structure: single piece fireproof glass and composite fireproof glass.

Single piece fireproof glass

The single-piece fireproof glass is subjected to special chemical treatment for more than 20 hours of ion exchange at high temperature, replacing the metal sodium on the glass surface to form a low-expansion silicate glass with a coefficient of expansion of 1.8*10-6/0F (3.24). *10-6/K), so it has high heat resistance. At the same time, after physical treatment, the surface of the glass forms high compressive stress, which greatly improves the impact strength. When the glass breaks, it shows a tiny particle state and reduces the body damage. Damage! The strength of a single piece of fireproof glass is 6-12 times that of ordinary glass and 1.5-3 times that of tempered glass!

China's building code requirements

The fire resistance test of single-piece fireproof glass is carried out according to the current national standards, and has been tested to meet the specifications of the People's Republic of China National Standard GB15763.1-2001 "Safety Glass Fireproof Glass for Construction".

The advantage of a single piece of fire-resistant glass is that it has a relationship with the temperature at which it can work, but it has the ability to withstand the rapid changes in heat shock and temperature, depending on the specific heat capacity of the glass (which affects the rate of temperature rise), heat conduction Rate (rate and distribution of heat through the glass) and thermal expansion rate, while single-piece fire-resistant glass can withstand quenching from 300 ° C to cold water!



Thermal conductivity of single piece fireproof glass: 1.13W/M °C

The thermal expansion rate of single piece fireproof glass is: 3*10-6/°C

Water resistance meets: ISO719-HGB, ISO720-HGA standard

Acid resistance meets: ISO1776 standard

Alkali resistance meets: ISO695-A standard


Compared with traditional grouting fireproof glass, single-piece fireproof glass has the highest characteristics of high weather resistance in addition to high strength and easy installation! In addition to the bubbles that are prone to occur during the manufacturing process, the chemically-filled fire-resistant glass quickly becomes milky white under the action of ultraviolet radiation and flame, and loses the basic function of glass transparency, so that it is impossible to observe the fire situation! The single piece of fireproof glass remains transparent under the action of ultraviolet light and flame without any change!


      1. Superior fire resistance performance

The single piece of fireproof glass can keep vibrating for more than 60-180 minutes under the flame impact of up to 1000 °C, thus gaining valuable time for people to escape and disaster relief work.

      2, high strength (high strength performace)

The single-piece fire-resistant glass not only has excellent fire resistance, but also has a high strength and outstanding hardness. At the same glass thickness, the strength of a single piece of fire resistant glass is 6-12 times that of float glass; it is 2-3 times that of tempered glass.


      3, safety (safety performace)

After the single piece of fireproof glass is broken, the pieces are obtuse and the pieces are smaller than the pieces of tempered glass, so even if they are damaged, they will not cause harm to the human body.

      4. High weatherability (Weatherability)

Compared with traditional grouting or composite sandwich fireproof glass, single-piece fireproof glass has the highest characteristics except high strength, and it has no influence on the appearance and service performance under the long-term exposure of ultraviolet light. It can be transparent and bright for a long time.

      5, workability is good (Workability)

The single piece of fireproof glass can be used in a single piece, or can be processed into fireproof laminated glass, fireproof insulating glass, point fireproof curtain wall glass, fireproof coated glass, etc. as needed.

Application in fire curtain walls, fire doors and windows and fire partitions

Single piece fireproof glass can be used as fire curtain wall, fire doors and windows and fire partitions in public places such as high-end hotels, theaters, exhibition halls, airports, stadiums, hospitals, libraries, commercial buildings, etc., as well as other fire prevention for civil and public buildings without fire compartment requirements. Ideal fire protection material for doors, fire windows and fire barriers. Usability: A variety of thickness options to meet different application needs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in buildings. According to actual requirements, it can be combined with other glass to form a sandwich or insulating glass with fireproof function. 

Composite fireproof glass

Two or more pieces of glass are composited, and the fireproof glue body is injected into the glass empty space, and the polycondensation is optimized, and the special glass which meets the corresponding fire resistance grade is satisfied.

When subjected to high-temperature barbecue by flame, the fire-proof adhesive gradually foams, expands, and carbonizes, forming a protective layer with very small thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation properties, preventing the flame from diffusing into the backfire zone and weakening the flame against the backfire surface. Thermal radiation to protect the integrity of the backfire glass and articles until complete fire protection.


1, good heat resistance:

The fireproof viscose of the composite fireproof glass is a non-combustible material, which can well block the spread of the fire.

2, good insulation:

Composite fireproof glass can effectively reduce heat radiation and heat transfer, and has good thermal insulation properties.

3, soundproof and transparent:

Composite fireproof glass can effectively reduce the interference of various noises such as vehicles, airplanes, trains, etc., and basically maintain the transparency of the original glass.

Application in fire curtain walls, fire doors and windows and fire partitions

Composite fireproof glass is widely used in high-rise buildings and public places such as hotels, hotels, shopping malls, libraries, museums, business centers, firewalls, fire doors and fire-proof passages, and is also commonly used in computer rooms, laboratories, control rooms and other places.


The composite fireproof glass has the advantages that the heat insulation is better than the single piece fireproof glass. The disadvantage is that it may yellow and devitrify under long-term ultraviolet radiation, so it cannot be directly used for the outer wall; and the single piece fireproof glass has high strength, easy to install and install. It has better performance and is therefore the most widely used in buildings.

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