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What is a hidden frame glass curtain wall system?

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What is a hidden frame glass curtain wall system?

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What is a hidden frame glass curtain wall?

The hidden frame glass curtain wall is to bond the glass with a silicone structural sealant (referred to as structural adhesive) on the aluminum frame. In most cases, the metal connector is no longer added. Therefore, the aluminum frame is completely concealed behind the glass to form a large-area all-glass mirror. In some projects, vertical glass curtain walls use a hidden frame curtain wall with metal connectors. Metal fasteners can be used as a safety measure, but they are prone to rupture of the glass due to concentrated stress. The glass and the aluminum frame are completely bonded by structural glue. The structural adhesive is to withstand the weight of the glass, the wind load and seismic action of the glass, and the influence of temperature changes. Therefore, the structural adhesive is the key link for the safety of the hidden frame curtain wall. The structural adhesive must be effective in bonding all materials in contact with it (glass, aluminum, weathering adhesive, spacers, etc.), which is referred to as compatibility.

The metal frame of the hidden frame glass curtain wall is concealed on the back of the glass, and the metal frame is not visible outside. The hidden frame glass curtain wall can be divided into two types: full hidden frame glass curtain wall and semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall. The semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall can be horizontal and vertical, or it can be vertical and horizontal.

The structure of the hidden frame glass curtain wall includes:


1. The keel (cross keel, vertical keel) is divided into materials according to the material. The keel can be generally divided into A. aluminum profiles (the most used hidden frame curtain wall) B. carbon steel (cold galvanized material)

2. Adapter, embedded board, foot code. Generally, L-shaped adapters are mostly used. These two materials are mainly made of cold-galvanized material (to ensure their anti-corrosion effect).

3. Panel (generally in the form of insulating glass)

The structural characteristics of the hidden frame glass curtain wall are: the glass is on the outside of the aluminum frame, and the glass is sealed with the aluminum frame by a silicone structural sealant. The load on the curtain wall is mainly absorbed by the sealant.

Design and construction of hidden frame glass curtain wall:

The hidden frame glass aluminum alloy sub-frames are not produced using group angles, causing each sub-frame to be twisted independently.

The aluminum alloy sub-frame is separated from the glass because it is independently loaded.

A hard rubber block should be placed between the lower part of the glass and the pallet, and as a result, only the side of the pad is twisted.

There is a hard wooden block between the upper and lower glass, which makes the glass not a separate unit.

The fixed corner code is not fixed by screws.

In the cornered part, since the screw is not tightened, there is no rubber spacer on the pallet.

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