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What is a framed glass curtain wall?

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What is a framed glass curtain wall?

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What is a framed glass curtain wall?

The exposed frame glass curtain wall is a glass curtain wall in which the metal frame member is exposed on the outer surface.

It is framed by a special section of aluminum alloy profile, and the glass panel is fully embedded in the groove of the profile. The framed glass curtain wall is not only used in large quantities, but also has the earliest and stable performance and reliable application. It is also easy to be accepted because the exposed frame glass curtain wall is born out of the glass window. The construction is simple and the form is traditional. In addition, the framed glass curtain wall not only participates in indoor and outdoor heat transfer, but also participates in indoor and outdoor heat transfer. In a curtain wall unit, the glass area far exceeds the area of the aluminum alloy frame, so the thermal performance of the glass dominates the exposed frame glass curtain wall. Compared with the hidden frame glass curtain wall, it is easier to meet the construction technical level requirements.

The installation methods of the common exposed frame glass curtain wall include mullion installation, beam installation, curtain wall assembly installation, and sash installation. Please refer to the following for a detailed description of the installation method of the exposed glass curtain wall.



First, mullion installation

  Construction installation points

  (1) The accuracy and quality of the mullion installation will affect the installation quality of the entire glass curtain wall and is one of the keys to the construction and installation of the curtain wall. According to the construction and transportation conditions, the mullion can be a whole floor with a length of up to 7.5M and a joint with a certain gap.

  (2) Before installing the column, carefully check whether the specifications, size, quantity and number of the column are consistent with the construction drawings. The construction personnel must carry out aerial work training and meet the specifications of JGJ80, “Safety Technical Specifications for Construction Construction High Work”.

  (3) The mullion should be connected to the connecting piece first and then the connecting piece should be connected with the main body embedded part, and the mullion should be adjusted and fixed. The deviation of the installation elevation should not exceed 3mm, and the deviation of the front and rear of the axis should not exceed 2mm. The deviation should not be greater than 3mm. At the same time, the attention error must not accumulate, and the opening window is a positive tolerance.

  (4)The deviation of the elevation of the adjacent mullion shall not exceed 3 mm, the deviation of the maximum elevation of the mullion shall not exceed 3 mm, and the deviation of the distance of the adjacent mullion shall not exceed 2 mm.

      (5) Anti-corrosion gasket must be added between the mullion and the contact surface of the connecting piece (support).

      (6) After the initial positioning according to the deviation requirements, the self-test should be carried out, and the unqualified adjustments should be made.

      (7) The mullion of the glass curtain wall should be installed in place and adjusted in time. Temporary bolts for glass and curtain wall installation shall be removed in time after the components are installed, in place, adjusted and fixed.

      (8) The welder is a special type of work, which needs to be studied and trained by professional safety technology. The test is qualified and the “special work operation permit” can be obtained independently.

       (9) The welding site must be fire-proof and explosion-proof safety measures before operation. Under the weldment, a fire hoist should be arranged and the fire person should be arranged. The operator should wear protective glasses and a mask when operating. The grounding zero wire of the welding machine and the electric welding work return line must comply with relevant safety regulations.

      (10) After the mullion is firmly installed, the signboard for positioning the expansion joint between the upper and lower mullions must be removed, and the sealant is applied at the expansion joint.

Second, the beam installation

  Construction requirements

  (1)Generally horizontal beam member, embedded segment is connected to the uprights, the cross beam end connection should mullions and elastic rubber, the elastic rubber pad should be 20% to 35% of the compression member, and to adapt to eliminate lateral deformation temperature Requirements.

  (2)Beam installation must be carried out after the civil construction is completed and the mullion is installed. The building is installed from top to bottom and the same floor is installed from bottom to top. When a layer of height is installed, it should be inspected, adjusted, calibrated, and fixed to meet the quality requirements.

  (3)The beam should be firmly installed according to the design requirements. The joint between the beam and the mullion should be sealed. The sealant should be of similar color to the mullion and the beam, so that the contrast is not too great.

  (4)After the beam is installed and positioned, a self-test should be performed. If the unqualified ones should be adjusted and revised in time, after passing the self-inspection, the quality inspectors shall conduct the random inspection. The number of random inspections shall be 5% or more of the total number of beams, and not less than 5 pieces. All test points fail to exceed 10% and can be judged as qualified. After the sampling is passed, the next process can be carried out.

  (5)When installing the beam, it should be noted that if there is a drainage system in the design, the condensate drain pipe and accessories should be tightly connected with the reserved hole of the beam, and the rubber sealing strip should be provided at the joint of the water outlet of the inner liner, and other ventilation holes and rainwater drains. Exports and other construction shall be carried out according to the design and shall not be missed.

Third, the curtain wall component installation

  1. Use sealing material

  Between the glass and the hard metal, direct contact should be avoided, and the elastic material should be excessive. This elastic material is often referred to as a seaming material.

  2. Bright frame glass curtain wall

(1) Clean the surface dust and contaminants before installing the glass. The heat-reflecting glass should be installed with the coating facing the room and the non-coated surface facing the outside.

(2) When the curtain wall is inlaid, the matching dimensions for the insertion slot are checked according to the relevant provisions of JG3035 in Building Curtain Wall.

(3) The glass and the member shall not be in direct contact, and there shall be a certain gap between the periphery of the glass and the bottom of the member slot. A certain number of positioning blocks shall be installed in the lower part of each glass according to the design requirements. The width of the positioning block should be the same as the notch. Not less than 100mm, and seal the glass and the sides of the notch with a strip or seal.

(4) After the glass is positioned, insert the sealing strip or sealant around in time and keep it flat. Sealing rubber strips and sealants should be selected according to the specified model.

(5) After the glass is installed, it should be self-inspected first. After passing the inspection, it should be reported to the quality inspectors for sampling inspection. The sampling quantity is more than 5% of the total, and not less than 5 pieces. The number of unqualified points is not more than 10%. qualified.

Fourth, sash installation and construction

1. According to the construction organization design requirements, it is necessary to check whether the specifications of the sash are consistent with the design drawings and construction drawings before installing the sash. Appropriate protective measures should be taken during installation to prevent falling off.

2. The sash should be cleaned before installation. Pay attention to the matching gap between the window sash and the window frame up and down, left and right, front and back, inside and outside to ensure its tightness.

3. The specifications, variety and quality of the sash connector must meet the design requirements, and stainless steel or light metal products should be used. It is strictly forbidden to reduce the number of fasteners such as self-tapping screws for connection, and the bottom hole of the self-tapping screws should be strictly controlled. Diameter size.

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