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Guangzhou glass curtain wall system maintenance and repair needs to pay attention!

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Guangzhou glass curtain wall system maintenance and repair needs to pay attention!

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Glass curtain wall system maintenance and repair needs to pay attention in Guangzhou!

At present, the maintenance and repair of the glass curtain wall has not received enough attention from the owners. Now the materials used in the all-glass curtain wall have a certain period of validity. They should be regularly observed and maintained during normal use. Therefore, after the acceptance of the work, the use unit should be able to formulate the maintenance and repair plan for the curtain wall and sign a contract with the relevant company.


Glass curtain wall maintenance and repair should pay attention to:

(1)The number and period of cleaning the curtain wall should be determined according to the degree of ash smearing of the curtain wall, and should be cleaned at least once a year.

(2)The mechanical equipment (such as the cleaning machine or the hanging basket) for cleaning the outer wall surface of the curtain wall shall have safety protection devices and shall not scratch the wall surface of the curtain wall.

(3)Maintenance work must not be carried out on winds and rains above level 4. 

(4)If the sealant is found to be detached or damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

(5)It is necessary to check the load-bearing steel structure regularly in the ceiling. If there is corrosion, it should be rust-removed.

(6)When the glass is found to be loose, look for the cause and repair or replace it in time.。 

(7)When cracks appear in the glass, temporary reinforcement measures should be taken in time, and replacement should be arranged immediately to avoid major injury. 

(8)In the event of a natural disaster such as a typhoon, earthquake, or fire, a comprehensive inspection of the glass curtain wall is carried out after the disaster.

(9)The glass curtain wall should be inspected every five years under normal use.


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