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Cause Analysis and Prevention Measures of Water Seepage in Curtain Wall

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Cause Analysis and Prevention Measures of Water Seepage in Curtain Wall

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The demand for the curtain wall industry will grow rapidly in recent years: as the urbanization process progresses, the number of large-scale cities increases, and the demand for public glass such as regional landmark glass and cultural and sports centers increases. International hotel giants 2010-2016 China plans to open more than 90 hotels. The increase in multinational companies and the pursuit of high-quality office buildings by domestic companies have led to strong demand for office space. The vacancy rate of office buildings in Beijing, Shenyang, Shanghai, Wuhan and other places fell below 10%. In addition, in the overseas market, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific in the process of urbanization will be the region with the fastest growth in curtain wall demand. The leading companies in the curtain wall that have already gone abroad will benefit from the economic recovery.

  The domestic curtain wall market now has 122 companies with both first-class curtain wall construction and Grade A curtain wall design qualifications. The market concentration has gradually increased, and the ratio of the top 50 curtain wall production to the total output value of the curtain wall industry has increased from 43% in 2005 to 54% in 2008. The competition barriers in the industry are relatively high, and most of the national landmark and regional key projects are contracted by the top 50 curtain wall enterprises.

  Curtain wall glass is mainly used for high-rise glass, large-span public glass, glass material lighting roof, shaped glass and other glass materials, with peripheral protection and decorative functions. Compared with brick walls, the curtain wall is light and greatly reduces the weight of the building. The "Technical Specifications for High-rise Glass Concrete Structures" clearly states that high-rise glass exterior walls of 150 meters or more should adopt various types of glass curtain walls, which have good sound insulation, heat insulation and environmental protection effects.


1.When the glass curtain wall is in normal use, a comprehensive inspection is usually carried out every 5 years, and the glass sealing strip, sealant, structural silicone sealant and other components are inspected.

2.After 210 years, the structural adhesive will appear aging, cracking, damage to the glass curtain wall, opening windows, hardware corrosion, deformation, aging of the glass sealant, cracking and loosening of the stressed components, so the curtain wall is generally used for 10 years.

3.The province inspects and maintains, otherwise there will be incidents of glass granules infested by people.

The key material of the 3 curtain wall is “structural glue”. If the wood cleaning is not regularly cleaned, repaired and treated, the glass will be easily oxidized and the life will be shortened, especially in bad weather.

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