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Cause Analysis and Prevention Measures of Water Seepage in Curtain Wall

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Cause Analysis and Prevention Measures of Water Seepage in Curtain Wall

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The inevitability of curtain wall overhaul


Last Saturday, the newspaper’s report on the worry of the “Glass Rain” in the next ten years was aroused public concern. In the past few days, the reporter has traced and found that although the state and Guangdong Province have issued regulations on the repair and maintenance of glass curtain walls, Guangzhou’s implementation in this area is not strong, and the owner’s maintenance awareness is not strong. Sexual identification has hardly been carried out and no relevant functional departments can be found to supervise this.

  Glass walls around the urban area of Guangzhou 
  Blew fall events often found in newspapers

A batch of curtain wall ten-year warranty period has passed the "time bomb" hidden over Yangcheng

  According to 2005 data, by the end of the year, the use of glass curtain wall in Guangzhou has exceeded 10 million square meters.

  As a unique design in modern architecture, the glass curtain wall has rich and varied exterior decoration effects, and has advantages in lighting, ventilation and vision. Therefore, since the 1990s, Guangzhou has been popular with glass curtain walls. In recent years, it has been promoted from commercial buildings to residential buildings. Ms. Li said: “When you read newspaper advertisements, you will find that floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views are a big selling point for many real estate projects.”

 But how many glass curtain walls there are in Guangzhou, there is no authoritative statistics at present. According to a research report issued by the China Building Decoration Association in 2005, the use of glass curtain walls in Guangzhou has exceeded 10 million square meters by the end of the year.

  At present, all areas of Guangzhou can find traces of the glass curtain wall. The reporter visited and found that the buildings using glass curtain walls in Dongfeng Road, Zhongshan Road, Huanshi Road and Renmin Road of Yuexiu District are relatively concentrated, and many of them are real estates from the 1990s; Tianhe North and Zhujiang New Town in Tianhe District The new building glass curtain wall building is also very concentrated. 

Since the establishment of the glass curtain wall in Guangzhou, the self-destruction and fall have been reported frequently. For example, in April this year, there were media reports that six high-grade buildings in Zhujiang New Town had six tempered glass blasts in the first half of the year, which made the residents feel guilty.

In addition to "self-explosion", the failure of the structural adhesive used causes glass fall, glass curtain wall support structure and glass curtain wall fixture failure, etc., which will cause safety hazards.


    A batch of curtain wall ten years warranty period has passed

    Hide "time bomb" over Yangcheng

  According to the rules and regulations of the curtain wall project, the quality guarantee period is 10 years. After 10 years, the quality problem is the responsibility of the owner.

  "In a certain limit, tempered glass self-explosion is allowed." The owner of the curtain wall door and window room of the Guangdong Academy of Building Research said. This is because impurities are inevitably generated during the production process of glass tempering. When the curtain wall glass containing impurities is installed on the curtain wall, the external temperature rises, resulting in a slight change in the volume of the impurities, causing cracks in the interior of the glass and finally causing the glass to break. "The newer the glass, the more prone to self-explosion. According to our test data, the glass that has exploded is mostly used for 2-3 years."

  In the industry, self-destruction can be described as the ills of tempered glass, and the current technical means cannot be completely avoided. "The biggest problem now is that most of the glass curtain wall buildings in Guangzhou have been in the quality assurance period for more than 10 years." He Wei said. In 1992, China Building Decoration Association proposed that the glass curtain wall related manufacturers should issue three 10-year guarantees: one is that the structural rubber manufacturers should issue a guarantee that can not be issued for 10 years; the second is that the coated glass manufacturers should issue a minimum of 10 years for the coating. The glued-off guarantee book; the third is the manufacturer of the hidden frame curtain wall, which must issue a safety responsibility guarantee for at least 10 years of glass not falling off. 
  The metal of the building curtain wall is bonded to the glass material. The key material is silicone structural sealant (referred to as structural adhesive). Excluding other quality problems, this glue can not be permanently effective. "After 10 years, it may cause aging problems." Based on this calculation, the glass curtain wall built since the 1980s, especially the hidden frame glass curtain wall built in the 1990s, has a life span of 10 years, and the safety hazard is very large. According to the regulations, the warranty period for the curtain wall project is 10 years, and the quality problem is responsible for the owner after 10 years. 
  The use of glass curtain walls for many years will lead to various safety hazards, and can only be relied on by “after-the-day maintenance”. If there is no defense in advance, the glass curtain wall is called a "time bomb" over the city and will become an "air killer."


The contractor has not fulfilled its obligation to inform

The owner is ignorant of maintenance and ignorance

  The Ministry of Construction stipulates that “the owner of the existing building curtain wall maintains the responsibility system”

  Few contractors provide the owner with the "Curtain Wall Maintenance Instructions"

  On December 5, 2006, the Ministry of Construction promulgated the Measures for the Administration of the Safety Maintenance of Existing Building Curtain Walls (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”), which stipulates that “the maintenance of existing building curtain walls shall be carried out and the owner responsibility system shall be implemented.” A total of 40 buildings with glass curtain walls were visited in Yuexiu District, Tianhe District, Haizhu District and Panyu District. Several dozen owners were interviewed. When talking about the glass curtain wall, the reporter found that they knew very little. As for the general shelf life, maintenance period, maintenance and other common sense of the glass curtain wall, it is even more unclear.。 
  The 2003 edition of the "Technical Specifications for Glass Curtain Wall Engineering" (hereinafter referred to as "Specifications") of the Ministry of Construction shall stipulate that the contractor shall provide the owner with the "Maintenance and Maintenance Manual for Curtain Walls", which covers the design basis, main performance parameters and design life of the curtain wall project. Main structural features; precautions for use; daily and regular maintenance, maintenance, repair contents and requirements; structure of vulnerable parts of curtain wall and replacement method of vulnerable parts; list of spare parts, spare parts and names, specifications and production of main wearing parts Manufacturer; contractor's warranty liability, etc. However, most of the contractors did not provide the owners, and the owners who asked the reporters said that they had not received such instructions. 
  Mr. Liu, who lives in Zhujiang New Town, said that although he has a glass curtain wall in his house, he is completely unaware that there are various safety hazards in the original glass curtain wall. There is no such thing as a curtain wall instruction manual at home. Usually it is inside. Wipe it, there is no other protective measure. Ms. Wang, who lives in the residential area of Tianlun Property, also said that the community does not have any relevant instructions or protection for the glass at present, and she is not too concerned about this issue.


     Regular "physical examinations" are not done on time

     Washing up the wall by "Spider Man"

  Guangdong Province stipulates that “the curtain wall project shall be examined once every five years; once every ten years, the safety appraisal shall be carried out” 
  After the promulgation of the Measures, the Construction Department of Guangdong Province issued the “Detailed Rules for the Administration of the Safety Maintenance of Existing Building Curtain Walls” (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”), which came into effect on February 1, 2008. It is stipulated that: “After one year of completion and acceptance of the curtain wall project, the person responsible for the safety maintenance of the building curtain wall shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the curtain wall and shall inspect it every five years thereafter; the curtain wall exceeding the design service life shall be inspected once a year.” “Building curtain wall After the project is completed and accepted for delivery, the safety appraisal is carried out every ten years in principle."

  However, this requirement for regular “physical examination” of glass curtain wall construction has not been implemented. Among the 40 properties visited by the reporters, only 4 of them were inspected for the glass curtain wall, and none of them carried out safety appraisal. Most of the real estate maintenance of the glass curtain wall is a simple "washing", and the cleaning interval is usually relatively long, some once every six months, and some once a year. “The cleaning of the glass curtain wall is only a clean and beautifying effect, and there is no specific protection or maintenance function.” Mr. Luo, who is engaged in the cleaning of the glass curtain wall, said. 
  During the visit, the reporter also found that some of the glass curtain walls have been damaged. For example, the tempered glass on the shed of the Mingxuan Building near Shipai East Road in Tianhe District has been broken, showing a snake-like pattern, which seems to fall at any time. The glass curtain wall above the Huayi Department Store has damaged glass, and the cracks only stick with a wide transparent tape. 
 Guangzhou Screen Glass Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. presented a test report to the Yangcheng Evening News reporter, which is about a 10-year-old glass curtain wall building on Dongfeng East Road. It is mentioned that “due to 10 years, there is a serious water leakage in the (sealant) part, and there are trachoma, cracks, bubbles, bubbling and even falling off in many places... the maintenance area is 16650 square meters.” And this building glass The curtain wall is only 30,000 square meters. “The owners of this building still pay more attention to the maintenance of the glass curtain wall.” The company’s manager, Quan Fengsheng, said: “But one test still found a lot of problems. If you don’t pay attention to it, the components are eroded and the glass is affected. Strong external force will fall off." 

 Functional department vacancy 

 The owner lacks maintenance conscious 
  Several major functional departments have indicated that they are not under their jurisdiction, and the owners usually have less maintenance.

  Both the "Measures" and the "Rules" stipulate that the construction administrative department is responsible for supervising and managing the safety maintenance of existing building curtain walls within its administrative area. However, the Guangzhou Construction Committee told the Yangcheng Evening News reporter that they mainly manage the planning, construction and acceptance of buildings. At present, there are relevant regulations and standards for the construction of glass curtain walls, but after the completion of the acceptance, they are not part of the construction department. In the scope of the supervisor, “the existing glass curtain wall is not included in the jurisdiction”.

  A person familiar with the matter said that the "Rules" is also a "document", which is there and has not been implemented. As stipulated in the "Rules", the construction administrative department shall organize a general survey of the existing building curtain wall and establish a file of the existing building curtain wall, but so far no relevant functional departments have conducted a general survey of the existing building curtain wall in Guangzhou.

The Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Land and Housing Management had previously interviewed the media and said that the glass curtain wall is not under the jurisdiction of the completed building as long as it is not a dangerous building.

 The Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision said that they are only responsible for the quality supervision of the glass produced by the glass factory. As long as it is tempered glass, it will have 3C certification, but the glass that has been used in the glass curtain wall is not their functional scope.

  In Yangcheng, the “enquired maintenance” of the glass curtain wall is often relied on by the owners. However, in the "Technical Specifications for Glass Curtain Wall Engineering" issued in 2003, no punitive measures were imposed on the owners' violations; in the "Measures for the Safety Maintenance of Existing Building Curtain Walls", it is only a general reference to "accidents due to existing building curtain walls." Those responsible for serious consequences shall be punished according to law." Most of the owners will only make up for the problem after they have problems. Mr. Zeng, the person in charge of the management office of Tianhe Huaying Building, said that the glass curtain wall of the building will not be changed if it is not bad. If it is broken, it will be replaced in time.

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