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From the fire that we have realized....

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From the fire that we have realized....

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From the fire that we have realized....

With the continuous deepening of urbanization in China, high-rise or super high-rise residential buildings have sprung up everywhere. However, the residential building fires that have occurred in recent years have caused serious casualties and adverse social impacts. Therefore, the community is paying close attention to how to ensure the safety of high-rise and super high-rise residential buildings in the event of fire. This also illustrates the importance of fire protection systems such as fire window systems.

  "Wan Xin fire" incident review: just after midnight on February 3, 2011, the bell of the Year of the Rabbit just sounded a high-rise building of more than 200 meters from the Shenyang Imperial Wanxin International Building, which was swallowed by the fire, and the fire once again sounded the fire safety alarm. In the early morning of February 3, firefighters took the ladder to extinguish the fire, but the fire building was too high and the fire was difficult. It was found that the fire was caused by fireworks and firecrackers. The firecrackers brought people a festive atmosphere, which not only brought serious air pollution, but also caused serious threats to fire safety.

  At that time, when the reporter rushed to the scene at 1 o'clock in the morning, Block B, which was 152 meters high in the south, was completely burned. Hundreds of people were on the scene, and more than 200 fire engines and police cars were assembled in the vicinity. However, because the high-pressure water gun of the ladder ladder can only be sprayed to about 10 layers, the above fire can not be controlled and can only be seen burning. At about 2:30, the apartment building in Block B has been completely burned out, leaving only the main frame, and the fire gradually spread to the office buildings of Block A and Block C.从“沈阳万鑫酒店”火灾,看高层建筑消防安全  

 Comparing the two buildings A and B, the result is quite the opposite because of the use of different fire-resistant windows and doors system. The B-wall external wall insulation material is used as a torch, the door and window system is broken, the fire ignites the indoor items, and continues to spread to the surrounding area. The indoor fire area is 10,000. Square meters, heavy losses; A insulation material burned out, but the fire door and window system of Block A is intact, the strong barrier blocks the impact of fire and smoke, the indoor items are generally intact, and there is no casualty in life.

  Inspiration from Shenyang “Wanxin Fire”: The use of fire-resistant exterior windows in high-rise buildings with B1 insulation materials is a simple and effective measure to resist fire spread; according to the requirements of the new regulations, for each high-rise residential building of 54 meters or more Setting up refuge rooms will greatly improve the fire safety of high-rise buildings. At the same time, if the outer window has an automatic closing function in the event of a fire, the fire safety of the residential building can be improved.

  High-rise building refuge - the guarantee of life safety

  In order to enhance the safety of high-rise residential buildings, the requirements for the installation of refuge floors in high-rise residential buildings were added in the Code for Fire Protection of Building Design (GB 50016-2014), which was implemented on May 1, 2015: residential buildings with a building height greater than 100 m should be Set the refuge floor. The height of the ground floor of the first refuge floor to the ground of the fire rescue and rescue site shall not exceed 50m and shall not be less than 24m. The height between the two refuge floors shall not exceed 50m; the residential building with a building height greater than 54m, each The household should have a room whose fire-resistant integrity should not be less than one hour. (At the same time: it should be arranged by the external wall, and should be set to open the outer window. The fire resistance of the inner and outer walls should not be less than 1 hour, and the door of the room should be a Class B fire door.)" According to the new regulations of GB 50016 Spirit, the Jiangsu Province Residential Design Standard (DGJ/J26-2017), which was implemented on July 1, 2017, has similar provisions in Section 8.9.3. It is clearly required that the external window used in the residential shelter should have a fire. The function of the fuse is automatically turned off after the fuse is blown. Here, the self-closing function of the outer window of the high-rise residential refuge is required to be mainly due to the following considerations: 1. The fire resistance (integrity) requirement for the exterior window of the building is implied The premise of the safety requirement is that the window self-closing device has at least the function of automatically controlling the closing of the sash by the heat sensitive component, otherwise the fire safety of the window is not guaranteed. Secondly, the refuge needs daily ventilation, often in an open state, family members Due to the reasons of going out, the house is often in a state of no one. If the fire window does not have the function of self-closing, then the fire is no different from the same, leaving a great safety hazard.

  As a temporary shelter for family homes, refuge rooms can save valuable time for escapes when high-level fire evacuation is difficult. It is essential to protect people's lives in the event of fire, and it also reflects the idea of building a new people-oriented concept.

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