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The difference between fireproof window system and fire window system

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The difference between fireproof window system and fire window system

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The difference between fireproof window system and fire window system

The use of fire window system has a long history. The earliest fire window is steel fire window. Its technical index is based on GB16809-1997 "steel fire window". It does not require the automatic closing of window sash, but it has heat insulation. Claim. GB16809-1997 "Steel Fire Window" was later revised. In 2008, GB16809-2008 "Fire Window" was released, which increased the static operating temperature of the heat sensitive component of the movable fire window, the sash closing reliability, the window fan automatic closing time requirement and experiment method. This is mainly based on the unsafe consideration of fire windows without the automatic closing function of the sash. Fireproof windows are also more diversified. According to the frame material, they are divided into steel fireproof windows, wooden fireproof windows, steel-wood composite fireproof windows and other fireproof windows. They are classified into heat-insulating fireproof windows and non-insulating fireproof windows according to fire resistance. . The heat-insulating fireproof window is divided into multiple grades such as Grade A, Grade B and Grade C.


"Refractory window" has no clear definition of terms in China's standard system. It is a customary term for the exterior window of buildings with fire-resistant integrity. The so-called "refractory window" is a new type of product that has been gradually put into use with the implementation of the "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design" (GB50016-2014). According to the requirements of this specification, windows with fire-resistant integrity shall be tested in accordance with the provisions of the Fire Test Method for Glazed Panels (GB/T12513-2006) to meet the requirements of 0.5h or 1.0h for the corresponding fire integrity. However, whether or not this type of window is required to have an automatic shutdown function is not clearly defined in the specification, and thus ambiguity arises. However, in practice, for such windows, that is, non-insulating glazing members (with moving fans), the fire detection department requires the movable window sash to install the sash opening and closing control device, and in accordance with the "fire test method for glazing members" (GB/ T12513-2006) and "Fire Window" (GB16809-2008) for testing. In response to the different understandings between the industries, the National Standards Management Group of the Code for Fire Protection of Building Design also explained that such windows should have the sash self-closing function as much as possible. The exterior window of the building has the requirement of fire resistance (integrity). In fact, the premise of safety requirements is implied. That is, the window self-closing device has at least the function of automatically controlling the closing of the window sash by the heat sensitive component, otherwise the fire safety of the window is not guaranteed. "Refractory window" as the external window of the building needs daily ventilation, and it is often in the open state. Because the family members are out of the way, the house is often in a state of no one. If the outer window does not have the function of self-closing, then the fire is no different from the original, leaving a pole. A big security risk.

Therefore, the "refractory window" is understood as a non-insulated fireproof window with the function of automatically controlling the closing of the sash by the heat sensitive component, which is a relatively scientific and reasonable positioning of the fireproof window. This understanding can also be supported by the Jiangsu Province Residential Design Standard (DGJ/J26-2017), which was implemented on July 1, 2017. The standard is based on the relevant regulations of the new regulations and is explicitly required for use in residential shelters. The window has an automatic shutdown function when the fuse is blown in case of fire. When the inside of the open corridor is no more than 2 meters away from the external wall of the residential building, the outer window facing the corridor shall be fireproof glass window with fire resistance of not less than 1.00h. It shall be equipped with automatic closing function after the fuse is blown in case of fire.

In the "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design" (GB50016-2014), the "refractory window" is mainly used as the external window of the building, such as the building refuge in the building with a height of 54 meters or more, the building with B1 and B2 insulation materials, and the residential building. Open the outer window of the building facing the corridor and when there is a fireproof glass wall between the upper and lower openings of the building. The traditional fireproof windows are mainly Class A, Class B and Class C fire windows, which have certain fire and heat insulation properties. They are often used for firewalls or partitions of indoor fire compartments, such as doors and windows with buildings connected to the atrium, and shops on both sides of the indoor pedestrian street. , refuge floor (between 100 meters), high-rise ward building, etc.

The material of the traditional fireproof window is usually steel, wood, steel-wood composite, etc. The glass is a type A heat-insulating fire-proof glass or a class C non-insulated fire-resistant glass. Although the steel fireproof window is sturdy and durable, it has good fireproof and heat insulation properties, but its thermal insulation performance and sealing performance are poor, it is not resistant to corrosion and weathering. Its external window closing device and temperature sensing support device lacks light and beautiful feeling, and can not meet the external window of the building. Use requirements and aesthetic requirements. "Refractory window" generally uses aluminum alloy and plastic steel as the form profile, and the glass uses C type non-insulation fireproof glass. The fire resistance of the "refractory window" is slightly worse than that of the conventional fireproof window, but overcomes the disadvantage that the conventional fireproof window cannot be used for the exterior wall of the building. At present, domestic manufacturers have developed non-insulated fire-proof windows for aluminum alloy and plastic steel that can be used for building exterior walls. They have the function of automatically controlling the closing of sashes by heat sensitive components, and can be concealed and installed. The structure is lighter and more beautiful, representing the future fire prevention. New trends and trends in the window.

Based on the characteristics of traditional fireproof windows, which are mainly used in indoors, it emphasizes its fire resistance performance, and has certain airtight performance and wind pressure resistance performance, but does not require watertight performance, thermal insulation performance, and opening and closing force. The performance of the "refractory window" used for building exterior windows is more demanding. In addition to meeting the requirements of GB16809-2008 "fire window", it should also meet the national standard requirements of the corresponding building exterior window (such as GB/T8478-2008 "aluminum Alloy doors and windows"), fire integrity is one of the many performance indicators of building doors and windows.

In summary, the so-called "refractory window" is a non-insulated fireproof window that can fully meet the performance requirements of the exterior window of the building and has the function of automatically controlling the closing of the sash by the heat sensitive component. 

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