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Fireproof window system network talk about two points of fire tips in China

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Fireproof window system network talk about two points of fire tips in China

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Fireproof window system network talk about two points of fire tips in China

  Fire Tip 1: The fake fire door is burned through buildings, especially in high-rise buildings. If the fire separation or fire prevention is not good, it seems like a towering chimney in the event of a fire, which becomes a way for the fire to spread rapidly. Fire doors and windows are an effective device to block this spread. It has been determined that at the beginning of the fire, due to air convection, the fire burns. If a high-rise building with a height of 100 meters, in a non-blocking situation, the smoke can spread vertically to the top of the tube well in about half a minute. Therefore, the selection of qualified fire doors is extremely important for suppressing the spread of fire and protecting personnel evacuation. The fake and shoddy fire doors can not only block the fire, but also encourage the fire and shorten the escape time. Inferior products can't play a role in blocking fire.


Fire Tip 2: Buy fire products to go to the regular factory fire department to remind the public that the purchase of fire products must go to a regular production enterprise. The list of manufacturers with qualified fire-fighting product production capacity can go to the website of the Fire Products Conformity Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security. In addition to verifying the production information of the unit, the website also provides information such as the unit address and contact information of the fire-fighting product manufacturing enterprise. If necessary, each user can directly contact the manufacturer to confirm by telephone.

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