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Fireproof window product introduction

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Fireproof window product introduction

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In 2014, the newly issued "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design" GB50016-2014 made clear requirements for rooms with refuge rooms above 54 meters.  


   For residential buildings with a building height greater than 54 m, each household should have a room that meets the following requirements:


    1, should be set by the external wall, and should be set to open the outer window;

    2. The fire resistance of the inner and outer walls should not be less than 1.0 hours. The doors of the room should be Class B fire doors, and the outer windows should be fire resistant windows with a fire integrity of not less than 1.0 hours.

At present, the manufacturers of fireproof window systems that can meet the fire resistance of 1.0 hours are basically steel frames plus composite or grouted glass. Because the steel frame is not extruded, it cannot meet the requirements of airtightness, etc., and the conventional broken aluminum windows currently have less than one hour of fire resistance time. In response to this situation, our company invested manpower, material resources and special venues on the basis of broken aluminum (aluminum alloy) windows combined with the fire-proof characteristics of the original steel fireproof windows. The company developed a fire-resistant integrity of 1.0 hours and 0.5 hours. The bridge aluminum (aluminum alloy) fire-resistant window has passed the fire inspection and inspection. This type of broken aluminum (aluminum alloy) refractory window meets the requirements of national regulations and fire detection standards, and the products pass the acceptance.

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