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【System composition: frame】

01 profile wall thickness "1.5MM, profile wall thickness ≥ 1.5mm, profile section thickness ≥ 60mm

The thicker the wall thickness of the profile, the better the force. The profile will lose its own rebound stress after being heated. Profiles with a wall thickness of less than 1.5 mm will not be able to clamp the fireproof glass without rebound stress, and the glass will lose strength after being heated, relying on the resilient clip of the profile. Tight, otherwise it will soften and sag; after testing, the 1.5mm wall thickness profile is less than 0.2mm and the wall thickness is 0.2 and 1 times higher than the 1.2mm wall thickness under heat and 300°C and 1000°C. At the temperature, it can maintain the resilience, clamp the fireproof glass, so that the fireproof glass can still be built in the fire window frame after softening; the window frame should have a seam edge (effectively prevent water seepage around the window frame), and the window sash should be provided around Drainage trough (effectively draining rainwater accumulated on the top of the sash when the window is forgotten in rainy days), the double-layer waterproof sealing strip should be designed for the opening part (effectively preventing water seepage, and the waterproof sealing strip is designed with airbag to form the opening fan and the frame is closed. Tightly impervious)

02 profile section thickness tolerance should be controlled within ±0.2mm

(The smaller the section thickness tolerance of the profile, the flatter the appearance)


03 profile seam height tolerance should be controlled within ±0.2mm

(The smaller the height tolerance of the interface, the flatter the appearance)

04 system surface flatness tolerance should be controlled within ±2.0mm

(The smaller the flatness tolerance range, the tighter the window frame sash is, the better the water seepage performance)


05 system sash and window frame should be on the same level

(It effectively prevents rainwater from accumulating on the gap of the waterproof sealing strip at the top of the sash. When the window is opened, there will be no water pouring into the top of the sash.)

【System composition: hardware selection】

01 wind bracing should use stainless steel wind bracing

(Maximum service life and better fire performance)


02 handle should be selected close to the aluminum alloy window handle

(Ensure the harmony of the overall building appearance)

03 hinges should be made of in-line copper shaft with copper sleeve or embedded stainless steel shaft with stainless steel sleeve material load-bearing welded hinge, and can reach more than 100,000 times of service life.



04 lock body should use stainless steel material more than two points of lock point

(It is beneficial to improve watertightness, airtightness and fireproof performance)

05 hardware connection screws should use stainless steel screws



06 Mounting screws should be galvanized steel or stainless steel screws


{System composition: accessories selection}

01   Fireproof sealing strips shall be made of fireproof expansion strips, and shall be provided with airbag structure and good toughness. The main materials of fireproof expansion strips shall be: expanded graphite, silica and flame retardant oil.

(After repeated tests, the expansion ratio of fireproof expansion rubber strip is between 15 and 25 times, which can effectively prevent smoke and flame retardant, while the flame retardant rubber strip only plays a role in flame retardant. It is recommended to use expansion fireproof rubber. Article.)

02   Glass sealant should use flame retardant fireproof sealant。

(Fire sealant has the following two advantages: 

① smoke is rarely burnt when heated, no open flame is produced;

② can keep the glass and frame tightly connected for a long time, so that the fire resistance of the fire resistant window is more durable.)

03   The above two kinds of fireproof seals shall have corresponding fireproof test reports provided by the manufacturer to meet the requirements of 《fireproof expansion seals 》(GB16807-2009) and 《fireproof plugging materials》 (GB23846-2009), according to the use function of specific fireproof windows products,frame material and structure, fire resistance grade and other characteristics to choose.

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