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“Safety” is the social responsibility of the Weguard's. Weguard's will work to improve the safety and comfort of residential buildings and public buildings, provide architects with more imagination space, and build a safe and comfortable working environment and life for the majority of users. Space, realize the glorious mission of Weguard brand industry to serve the country.

【Weguard-brand culture



Create the most competitive professional leadership brand in the industry


【Weguard-Business philosophy】

Precise and delicate, Fine arts refinement, Industry serve the country


【Weguard-Talent Concept】

Employees are the company's most important asset. The improvement of the quality of employees is the growth of the company's wealth. The income of

employees is the embodiment of the company's performance.


【Weguard-Top Ten Ideas for Talents in the Workplace】

[Law 1] Corporate Benefits > Team Benefits > Personal Interests

[Law 2] Communication can eliminate all obstacles

[Law 3] Do not explain the result of speaking

[Law 4] details, details or details

[Law 5] Dedication and professionalism are the foundation of business survival

[Law 6] Either learn progress, act immediately, or leave people

[Law 7] Serving every customer is our basic responsibility

[Law 8] Three elements of doing things are serious, fast, and honest

[Law 9] Your friendliness is the most precious asset.

[Law 10] Keep Civilization, Say Harmony, Obey Equality, Follow Justice


【Weguard-Management philosophy】

Principle of humanity


【Weguard-Service philosophy】



【Wegaurd-Employee values】

Recognize your own value and fulfill your responsibility to establish your own image


【Weguard-Corporate purposes】

Integrity management, Sustainable development, Make good use of talent, Be kind to talent

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