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Address: Baishe Xiashe Industrial Zone, Hongxing Village, Guanyao, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

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【About us】

   Weguard Construction Technology(Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. was established in 2013,Company registered capital ¥20,000,000,which is a professional research and development production of precision manufacturing enterprise cold rolling process closed steel profile.

   Weguard is the brand of our company,which committed to comprehensive system solutions of consultant,integration design,fitting complement,technical service in all.It contains six core products of Weguard steel profiles:Role steel,STD standard system,SEC anti-prizing and anti-cracking security system,Fireproof system,Bulls bulletproof system,CWSS curtain wall system.Weguard have made professional leadership to civil safety windows and curtain wall and partition of large-scale public building.

  Weguard steel profile products and system adhere to the German industrial design characteristics of rigorous,exquisite and fine arts refinement,our products overcome the shortcoming of incomplete safety performance defects which current products like glass-reinforced plastic(GRP),ACP,aluminium alloy door & window curtain wall system cannot meet with,thus to really realized the functions of system fire prevention,heat preservation,bulletproof etc...

   Weguard committed to improve the security and comfort of civil building and public building,and provide more imagination space for the architect as well as for the majority of users to build a security and comfortable working and living space.

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