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In 2013, the “Weguard Weihua” brand was founded, The enterprise which is focusing on the research & development, design and manufacture of steel doors, windows, partitions and curtain wall systems.It is the leader of steel doors and windows, partitions and curtain wall industry in China. The steel system research and development technology has been precipitated and accumulated over 16 years.and awarded many of the National patents. The products it is widely used in many large-scale projects at domestic and abroad, such as Poly Real Estate, CGNPC, OCT, China Southern Power Grid, Chinese Embassy in Mauritius, Western Expo City.

Under the background of architectural lighting products such as the increasingly demanding of steel smart sun room, doors and windows, partitions, curtain wall systems at present, weguard Weihua has invested in integrating European technology, introducing advanced equipment and combining the demand of domestic market, independently researches and develops new profiles, doors and windows, partitions and curtain wall systems, and is equipped with advanced imported hardware accessories. Weguard’ has formed a series of steel building lighting products for high-end villas, residential houses and public buildings to meet numerous customer's individual needs, with intelligent, high-performance and other serial products, provide high-quality and high-grade steel doors and windows,Partition, curtain wall, sun room system products for high-end Chinese people.

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